October 23, 2021


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People with Covit-19 and the flu are twice as likely to die at the same time

According to the British Health Security Agency (UKHSA), people who catch the flu and Govt-19 are “twice as likely to die” at the same time.

In winter and Virus With it fast approaching, the health care agency warned the British of the dangers they were still running, and the Covid-19 had not yet completely disappeared.

An unpredictable winter

“I think next winter is uncertain,” said Dr Jenny Harris, director of the UKHSA. Sky News. “This is not a prediction, it is uncertain. But we know that the incidence of influenza last year was very low, so the immune system and stress are greatly affected and lost,” he explained.

According to Jenny Harris, “In the last five years, about 11,000 people have died from the flu,” and this year the disease could have various strains. And the rotation of these types Fever In conjunction with Govit-19 It can be dangerous for thousands of people: “There are always risks of catching both [maladies]. Initial data indicate that if that happens to you, you are twice as likely to die as if you were only contracting Govt-19.

To protect you from both diseases, the director of the UKHSA recommends vaccinating both Covit-19 and influenza. Vaccine Developed for this season can protect against four different types. “But of course, continue to respect the health rules we imposed throughout the Govt epidemic,” he concluded.

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