December 1, 2021


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Protesters block a section of the island with roadblocks

Tensions are high in Saint-Martin. Two large axes of the French part of the island West India Blocked by roadblocks since Thursday, residents and tourists continue to suffer
Fraud Continue on their way.

Dams located in the north and south of the island force motorists and professionals to take significant detours through the Dutch part of the island. The politician condemned the acts with “discriminatory methods”.

The words of the prefect will not come

Tensions have been high since the beginning of September. For Lenny Musington, the spokesman for the Coalition of Protesters, ” Unemployment, “Poverty, discrimination in employment” are the implications of the anger that has been raging in the Sandy Ground and Quartier d’Orléans factions since Thursday.

According to a spokesman, the buzz that revived the neighborhood was born out of comments made by politicians during a press conference on October 22. Speaking of random sieges organized in protest of the establishment of the island Health Pass, Serge Cauteron, described them as “petty manipulative tyrants” and “kidnappers” who tried to block roads. “Instead of talking (…), he chose another tactic of blaming young people, I would even say Saint-Martinois,” Lenny Musington said.

Interested tourism professionals

In a statement, Quartier de Orleans condemned the siege attempts and the actions that severely damaged the island’s nickname “Friendly Island” and “violated essential values”. Of the Republic ”. For their part, tourism partners are concerned about the possible negative effects of the tourism season, which promises to be good after the difficult years of Hurricane Irma and the health crisis.

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