October 23, 2021


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Putkists say the coup attempt is to stop President Alpha Conte

Guinea Special Forces say they have captured President Alpha Conte on Sunday (September 5) “Shore” The Ministry of Defense assures us that the attackers were released in a video sent to the Agencies France-Press (AFP) reporter and on social media. “Expelled”.

“We have decided to dissolve the president (…), the constitution, and the institutions that are currently with us; we have decided to dissolve the government and close the land and air borders., Someone wearing a uniform and hands on this statement spread widely on social networks.

“The socio-political and economic situation of the country, the breakdown of republican institutions, the instrumentation of justice, the trampling on the rights of citizens, the disrespect for democratic principles, the over-politicization of public administration, the financial malpractice, the poverty and local corruption, the military of the Republic of Guinea (…) Led ”, Explains the same military officer. In order to fulfill the legitimate aspirations of the people of Guinea, we call on our brothers for unity. We invite them to stay in the camp and continue their sovereign activities. We are not going to repeat the mistakes of the past. “, Warns this soldier as well.

In another video, not immediately recognized, we can see the Putkists with President Conte. They ask him if he has been abused, Alpha Conte, in jeans and a shirt on a sofa, refuses to answer them.

National Television Announcement

In the afternoon, a revolutionary leader appeared on national television to announce the dissolution of the constitution and the arrest of President Alpha Conte by special forces.

As part of that, the Ministry of Defense said in a statement “The rebels [avaient] Sowed fear “ In Conakry before taking the direction of the Presidential Palace, but it “Presidential Guard, backed by security and security forces, believers and Republicans, threatened and repulsed the attacking group.”.

He told the AFP he had a Western diplomat with him “No doubt” The coup attempt was led by the Guinean Special Forces.

After months of severe economic and political crisis, a heavy automatic weapons fire erupted just hours before Sunday in central Conakry.

The situation is confusing

Despite the rumors, the authorities are keeping quiet in the most chaotic situation. Residents who were contacted by phone in Callum in the afternoon said the shooting continued. Speaking anonymously for their safety, they said they saw several soldiers warning residents to return to their homes and not to leave. Opposition groups called for the beleagured PM to resign.

Tensions may have been sparked by the dismissal or the arrest or marginalization of the commander of the Special Forces, a faction with more avenues and jealousy than other security forces, the Western diplomat said. According to established procedures in such situations. Then special forces will take action, he said.

Tension for several months

For months, despite substantial mineral and water resources, the world’s poorest West African country has been gripped by a deep political and economic crisis, exacerbated by the Govt-19 epidemic. On the eve of the October 18, 2020 presidential election, Conakry’s center was awakened by security forces who rioted at an army camp in Kindia, 100 kilometers east of the capital.

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The candidacy of President Alpha Conte for the third time in October 2020 sparked months of tension, resulting in dozens of bloody political clashes in one country. Dozens of opponents were arrested before and after the election.

Mr. Conte, now 83, was declared president for a third term on November 7, despite appeals from his main challenger, Cello Tylen Diallo, and three other candidates. “Ballot Dump” And all kinds of abuse. Human rights defenders have criticized Conte for questioning the achievements of a dictatorial slide and start seen in the last years of the presidency. The military seized power in 2008 after the death of President Lansana Condo.

This struggle was suppressed on many occasions

Mr. Conte, a former historian and even sentenced to prison and the death penalty, became the first democratically elected president in Guinea in 2010 after decades of dictatorial rule. On July 19, 2011, Alpha Conte, elected the previous year, emerged unharmed from an attack on his home by soldiers. He blamed many personalities and denied Senegal and Gambia.

In the eyes of his opponents and many defenders of democracy, he has used legal arguments to join the ranks of African leaders in power beyond the expected period.

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Alpha Conte adopted a new constitution in March 2020, despite the already strong controversy, he said. “Modernize [les] Companies For example, giving more space to women and youth. Opposition parties have stated they will not run in the by-elections “Rebellion” Constitution. This struggle was severely suppressed on several occasions.

Mr. Conte is proud to have advanced human rights and to have rehabilitated a country he allegedly found in the ruins. He defended himself on Radio France International in October 2020 and wanted to establish himself on France 24. “Life Leadership”. The new constitution theoretically allows him to stand again in six years, in which case he was careful not to comment.

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