October 23, 2021


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Puzzle Carlos Puigdemont of Madrid and Barcelona

He was arrested and later released. Yes Carlos PuigdemontThe former president of Catalonia, who unilaterally declared independence from the region in 2017, was arrested on Thursday and later released from prison in Italy (Sardinia) on Friday. However, he is under threat of deportation
Spain. Enough to reconsider a case that has been quiet in recent months.

Of course, separatists still rule Catalonia But discussions began with Madrid. 20 minutes Puigdemont’s return to Spain explains why it falls so badly on both the federal government and Catalonia.

What was the political situation in Italy before the arrest of Carlos Puigdemont?

Since the beginning of the year, tensions between Madrid and Barcelona have eased somewhat. The Pedro Sanchez government has taken a major step towards the Catalan government by apologizing to independent leaders who were condemned for their participation in the unilateral declaration of independence of Catalonia in October 2017. Demanded by separatists. The socialist government reiterated that it was an apology and that the sentences had not been repealed 20 minutes Carol Wickles, teacher-researcher at the University of Lily.

The release of these nine officers, who are considered political prisoners by the Catalan government, is a kind of sign for trying to bring everyone back to the table. At the same time, if the separatists had a majority in the regional parliament during the February 14 election, it would be the Left and the Moderate Section (ERC) more than the Right. JxCat).

The new president of the region, Pere Aragonus, has decided to come around and sit around the “conversation table” by accepting Madrid’s outstretched hand, despite the refusal of his JX gate partners. “Pedro Sanchez maneuvered well because he exposed the divisions of the separatists even more,” thinks Carol Vinols.

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Will the arrest of Carlos Puigdemont call into question this process?

Carlos Puigdemont provided strong support when Pere Aragonus was arrested. Before he was released he announced that he was going to go to Sardinia, but Carol Vicols mentions that he did not mention leaving the conversation table. At least today she thinks neither he nor the government in Madrid wants it. It would be worse if Carlos Puigdemont was actually handed over, so they are waiting for a trial in Spain. The current president of Catalonia is really under pressure. He accepted Madrid’s outstretched hand as his own.

On Friday morning, the JxCat and the CUP (a small far-left party, the Catalan government needed to have a majority) again denounced the process of dialogue with Madrid. According to them, the arrest of Carlos Puigdemont In Catalonia “Pedro Sanchez proves he does not want to negotiate a political solution to the conflict”. Demonstrations were organized especially by these two parties and the powerful independent association ANC. None of the current ERC MPs attended. However, Carlos Puigdemont was nothing short of surrendering.

Refugees in Belgium since 2017, a one-time Catalan leader has already been arrested in Germany in 2018. He was finally released. Since being elected to the European Parliament in 2019, he has been enjoying parliamentary immunity. It was removed in March, and Puigdemont’s appeal was rejected, but the process was not fully completed. Italian judges will have every opportunity to acquit the Catalan leader on the basis of this improglio.

Is the return of Carlos Puigdemont to Spain a good thing for Pedro Sanchez?

Pedro was not sure if Sanchez should be deported immediately, of course he welcomed his arrest and called for an investigation in Spain. When he took over as head of the Spanish government in 2018, he still had a tough stance on the Catalan issue. “In 2019 he said again that Carlos Puigdemont should be held accountable for his actions in Spain,” Carol Vicols recalled. Since then, he has added water to his wine because he has been forced to rule with the left-wing Podemos party that supports the referendum in Catalonia.

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An apology from Puigdemont seems impossible, judging the author-researcher, “only if he is forgiven, will he be condemned, and it will take time.” And the image of the former Catalan president is very divisive in the epidermis file. The Socialist prime minister has spent considerable political capital to pardon nine separatists who are already in prison. He pays it back: in the polls, he outscored the Popular Party (right) in a serious and uncompromising position on the Catalan file. Seeing the talks with the Barcelona government halted after they begin will enable potential returns on political investment for Pedro Sanchez.

“It can be said that he always brought Fuchsmont to Spain when he fled under the PP government,” Carol Vicols said. Again: The Spanish government is in the process of preparing its budget for 2022. However, the coalition formed by the Socialists and the Podemos did not have an absolute majority in the Crdoba (local national assembly). This will require the support of various regional or nationalist parties. Sanchez was counting the votes of ERK delegates to get his budget. This support seems very uncertain today. If the budget fails in the referendum, Pedro Sanchez will overthrow the government.