Ragnarok Season 3 Release Date, Expected Plot, Cast, and Other Details!

The Ragnarok is a streaming television sequel that portrays the complete Norse mythology. It is a Norwegian fantasy drama series. This movie series isn’t an old one, though. 2020 saw the release of Ragnarok Season 1, which showcased the production crew’s quick work!

After the initial season’s release, it continued for more seasons because it attracted so much attention from viewers. The precise date for Season 3 is still unknown.

It has portrayed the Norse gods and their tribulations as archaic traits that have existed for a long time. It also exemplifies how Ragnarok can become a brief tale about the beginning of the superhero by repeatedly twisting the fundamentals and the superhero.

The plot has explored a distinct story angle where young Manga is a lonely youngster with some unique superpowers that the audience becomes hooked to the story. Young Manga discovers, to his horror, that he is the Thunder God Thor.

Hemsworth made a concerted effort to hold the audience’s attention, so they felt connected to the story from season 1. And the modernized version of the ancient God does a great job presenting it.

Release Date of Ragnarok Season 3

Ragnarok Season 3

As was already known, the third season of Ragnarok has been ordered, so we’ll finally get a resolution to the cliffhanger finale. We’re still awaiting confirmation from Netflix regarding the release date, though.

The show’s cast also shared the good news on YouTube, writing: “Hello lovely people! I have some positive news. Did you prepare? We’ve been given the go-ahead for season three.”

However, when they announced that season three would be the show’s last, our Norse family also dealt a painful blow. The grieving process must start because actor Jonas Strand Gravli announced that this third season of Laurits would be the final one.

According to the official Ragnarok Netflix Instagram feed, filming has already begun as of April 2022.

Expect no new episodes any time soon. Fans will be lucky to see the third and final installment by the end of 2022 or early in the following year because production has just begun.

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The first season debuted in January 2020, while the second one premiered in May 2021, almost exactly 18 months later. COVID-related delays may have partially caused the lengthy hiatus, but Netflix shows rarely come back without at least a year having passed.

Season three of Ragnarok will probably have six more episodes, exactly like the two seasons that came before it. This will happen when the widely anticipated return of the show finally happens.

The Cast of Ragnarok Season 3: Who will return?

Ragnarok Season 3

The whole primary cast of Ragnarok season three is listed below, and they include:

  • Magne Seier/Thor is David Stakston.
  • Laurits Seier is played by Jonas Strand Gravli.
  • Fjor Herman Tmmeraas
  • As Saxa, Theresa Frostad Eggesb
  • As Gry, Emma Bones
  • Turid Seier is played by Henriette Steenstrup.
  • As Vidar, Gsli rn Gararsson

We have not yet made any casting announcements for any new characters, but we will let you know if we do at any point.

Additionally, Chris Hemsworth would make an amusing cameo in a perfect world, but we can’t guarantee anything.

The Plotline of Ragnarok Season 3

Ragnarok Season 3

At this point, there are no official storyline specifics for Ragnarok season 3. Still, given that it is the final season and since the name “Ragnarok” literally refers to a tremendous war that results in the deaths of many gods, we anticipate some very conclusive action.

Ragnarok’s second season has blurred the borders between good and evil because of Laurits’ experiments with the dark side (which makes sense, given he is the modern version of Loki, God of mischief). Similarly, Saxa appeared to have switched her allegiance from the Jutul to Magne after changing her heart in the season 2 finale.

The Jörmungandr, or world serpent capable of slaying Thor, was unleashed by Laurits in the series finale after feeling betrayed by Magne. Magne will undoubtedly have his hands complete in season 3 with the nasty Jutul family, Laurits, and now his lethal new pet to deal with.

Fortunately, he will have the assistance of numerous other gods that we learned about in season 2, and if Norse mythology is any indication, there may be even more to come.

Where can I watch Season 3 of Ragnarok?

When Ragnarok Season 3 debuts, it will only be on Netflix, although you can currently watch the first two seasons of Ragnarok there.


As the third and final season of Ragnarok, it will be interesting to watch what transpires. The last date has not yet been announced, which is unfortunate. We had no choice but to wait while monitoring Netflix Ragnarok developments.

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