Reacher Season 2: When Will Prime Video Announce the Release Date?

Prime Video announced that there would be a second season of Reacher soon after the first season was a big hit for the service.

After Tom Cruise played the part, the series brought Lee Child’s Jack Reacher back to our screens after a short break. Reacher is now a TV show on Prime Video, so the screens are a little smaller than before.

Reacher is even more popular now that Alan Ritchson plays the main character. The Titans star is 6 feet 2 inches tall, closer to the character’s intimidating 6 feet 5 inches in the books, and he uses his bulk well in Reacher season one.

But what about season two of Reacher? What will happen next with Amazon’s version? Please put on your reading glasses and come with us as we explain everything you need to know about Reacher season two on Prime Video.

The Plotline of Reacher Season 2

Reacher Season 2

We don’t know much about the new show yet, but thanks to a recent update from Alan Ritchson, we understand that the second season will be based on the 11th book in the series, Bad Luck and Trouble.

Based on the official logline for Reacher season 2, it sounds like the second season will be very true to the book. It says, “When Reacher’s old military unit members start turning up dead, he only wants one thing: revenge.”

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In the book Bad Luck and Trouble, Jack Reacher finds a deposit made to his account without his knowledge. Because he is obsessed with math and has excellent analytical skills, he realizes that the amount is a signal for help from one of Reacher’s fellow ex-army investigators, Frances Neagley.

Frances tries to get in touch with him because someone brutally hunts down Reacher’s old soldiers. He and Frances run as fast as possible to find the other survivors and stop the killers.

Release Date of Reacher Season 2

Reacher Season 2

As we’ve already said, Prime Video announced that Reacher would be back for a second season just three days after the first season, but we’re still waiting for a confirmed release date.

According to Deadline, which got the information from Amazon, Reacher was one of the top five most-watched series on Amazon, both in the US and worldwide. Users also highly rated it, so this quick renewal shouldn’t be surprising.

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We know from a recent update from the leading man, Ritchson, that “filming will begin this fall.” This means that new episodes will likely come out in early 2023 or, if we’re… stretching, in the summer of 2023.

The Cast of Reacher Season 2

Fans of the books know that, besides Jack Reacher, there aren’t many characters who show up in more than one book.

Alan Ritchson will be back as the main character, so that’s a given. The only confirmed cast member is Maria Sten, who will play Frances Neagley again. This was confirmed in May.

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Chris Webster, Hugh Thompson, Harvey Guillén, Kristin Kreuk, Currie Graham, Marc Bendavid, Willie C. Carpenter, Maxwell Jenkins, and Bruce McGill were on the show during the first season.

But since Jack Reacher left the town of Margrave, it’s unclear whether any of the supporting characters from season 1 will be back for season 2.

Review of Season 1 of Reacher

Reacher Season 2

We liked how Reacher was turned into a TV show, and Ritchson was chosen to play Reacher. Even though things could have been done better, we flew through the episodes.

Also, it’s essential to know that we thought the show got better as the season went on, but we could only watch the first five episodes for review.

Where Can I Stream Reacher?

Reacher is only available on Amazon Prime Video, so the only way to watch it is to have a subscription to Amazon Prime Video. You can now stream Season 1.


Reacher is an excellent show because it gives viewers a new thrill, drama, and suspense. The play tells a great story, and the actors do their best to make it look natural and perfect.

Early in 2023, the new season of the TV show Reacher will start. For more information about the second season of the show Reacher, we have to wait for the official word from the people who make it. Also, people will be interested in the film’s cinematography, music, and setting.

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