Rebelde Season 2 Ending Explained: What Facts Did Luka Find Out About Gus?

The first season of “Rebelde” featured a select group of high school students who enrolled at Elite Way School (EWS) to enhance their musical abilities. Being a cliché teenage drama, the series highlighted the love-hate connection and brutal competition between these people to win the “Battle Of The Bands” singing competition at the end of their first year. After Season 1, there were a few exciting cliffhangers, but when “Rebelde” Season 2 premiered, the drama surrounding those topics rapidly subsided.

Esteban Torres discovered that his birth father was Argentinian business billionaire Marcelo Colucci, and so he was linked to his classmate and Marcelo’s kid, a pampered child named Luka. Luka and Esteban accept one other as brothers without hesitation at the start of Season 2. Jana Cohen Gandia and Esteban, who had broken up the previous season to focus on their work, were the second difficult love story. Jana and Esteban desire one other in Season 2, but they suppress their feelings and begin dating other people to make their ex jealous.

At the start of Season 2, it is also established that Maria “MJ” Jose and her new lover, Sebastian “Seba” Langarica, won the “Battle Of The Bands,” whereas Jana and her band Rebelde were disqualified by Marcelo. Maria had betrayed her friends’ confidence by teaming up with Seba in the previous season. Thus, Season 2 continues to chronicle the ramifications of her actions, as well as her rivalry with Jane, who despises MJ for betraying the band. It delves into her delicate relationship with Seba, as MJ still harbors romantic love for rapper Guillermo “Dixon” Alvarez but is torn between Dixon and Seba.

The most significant conflict in Season 2 is, however, brought about by Gustavo “Gus” Bauman, a new music teacher at the Music Excellence Program (MEP), who, like a tyrant, makes life for the students miserable and torments them with his toxic teaching techniques. Let’s discover Gustavo’s identity and what he desired from the pupils without further ado.

Gustavo Bauman: Who Was He? What Was His Goal?

Everybody in the music industry wanted to work for Gustavo because he was a well-known song producer. But for whatever reason, he quit making music and started working as the Trend-Z awards coordinator. His entire character, worldview, and methods of instruction reminded me of “Whiplash’s” brutal Terence Fletcher (2019). Gus’ character, however, lacked many nuances. He informed the students at EWS right once that this year’s “Battle of the Bands” wouldn’t take place. He would assess the students instead based on their performances. At the Trend-Z awards after their school year, he would use his new label, GB records, to make the winner a superstar.

Gus intended to challenge each pupil to step outside of their comfort zone, but the approaches he took were brutal. Andi Agosti, a drummer, was made an addict by the new student Oscar Cabarga Negrete; at one point, she even passed out from a heroin overdose in the school. It was then discovered that Gus had used the incident to persuade the board of directors to oust Celina Ferrer, the current EWS principal, and install him in the position. Gus showed his actual objectives as soon as he gained control. The top artists in the nation were to be produced at EWS, according to him.

The pupils debated among themselves about what matters more to an artist after Gus’s arrival. To get famous, gain fans, or gain followers? Gus allegedly held the opinion that to be a successful musician, one must know how to win over new followers and keep them loyal through controversy or other means. Dixon thought that a musician’s main focus should be on making music and that if he put his soul into it, fans or following would eventually find him.

Gustavo Bauman: Who Was He? What Was His Goal?

At that moment, Dixon and several others started yelling at Gus and jamming in a secret warehouse outside the school that became known as “The Under.” However, as soon as Gus was made aware of the uprising, he issued Dixon with one final caution. Although none of the students were pleased with Gus’ leadership, they were unable to revolt against him since he held ultimate power at EWS and was in charge of their artistic future.

Which Performer Won the Competition?

Gus decided to have a solo singing competition for the students’ last performance of the academic year because he had previously informed the students that there would be no “Battle Of The Bands.” Gus had previously kicked Dixon out of the MEP, but following his horrible accident, Dixon saw how egotistical his pals were and sought to show them that he was superior to them.

He begged Gus to let him perform in the finale and promised to transfer to another music school across the nation if he lost the competition. Gus readily concurred as he saw a chance to rein in Dixon the renegade. Gus had the authority to name the competition’s winner, but he never would have chosen Dixon.

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Gus announced Esteban as the winner despite Dixon giving one of the best rap musical performances of his life during the final show because he knew Esteban was a rap musician who would do whatever it took to succeed and become famous. Esteban was an ideal target for Gus since he was skilled at exploiting the lust for fame that drives musicians.

What Information Did Luka Learn About Gus?

Luka soon came to believe that he was to blame for Andi’s drug overdose because he had given her the tablets. Later, he discovered that Oscar had given Andi the bottle. Luka discovered his father’s tablet at Esteban’s birthday celebration and looked through his inbox. There, he saw an email telling Marcelo not to hire Gus.

Freddy’s mother, a member of the band “Supernova,” sent the email. Gus produced Freddy’s music, and he died from a heroin overdose. Due to the similarities between Freddy’s and Andi’s instances, Luka deduced that Gus was the one who had been subtly giving the kids tablets to drive them past their breaking points.

Luka texted Gus during the last performance, inviting him to a meeting on the cafeteria rooftop. On the rooftop, Luka admitted to Gus that he was fully aware of Freddy’s fate and manner of death. Like the other three artists Gus had collaborated with, he was experiencing mental tiredness. But Luka intended to utilize the information for his greed, not to reveal the criminal.

What Information Did Luka Learn About Gus?

Luka wished there was a way out of his father Marcelo’s decision to send him to a Texas military academy. He requested that Gus extend the same label deal to him as he did to Oscar so that he might finally emerge from his father’s shadow and stop depending on him for his financial requirements. Gus, on the other hand, didn’t hand out contracts to everyone, thus in response to Luka’s threats, he was shoved from the roof.

The incident with Luka appeared to be a suicide attempt. He entered a coma and was unable to reveal Gus’ identity or reveal the truth to the public. Luka did, however, finally awaken towards the conclusion of “Rebelde” Season 2, but it was probably too late.

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“Rebelde” Season 2’s Finale: Is Gus Dead?

Oscar was madly in love with Luka, and the news of his accident broke his heart. He blamed himself for the catastrophe, believing that he might have helped Luka escape from Marcelo, but he didn’t, which is why Luka attempted suicide. Gus, on the other hand, appeared in Luka’s room one night at the hospital to get rid of Luka’s cell phone, which contained evidence against him.

Oscar was dozing when he noticed Gus standing near Luka’s bed. Gus tossed Luka’s cell phone in the trash before destroying the evidence, which Oscar later discovered. He reviewed Luka’s chat thread with Gus and realized that he was the last person Luka had met. He concluded that Gus was the one who shoved Luka from the roof.

Since Gus had given the pills to Andi through Oscar, Jane, Andi, MJ, and Dixon were also certain of this at EWS and sought Oscar’s evidence to discredit Gus. Oscar first hesitated to assist them since Gus had presented him with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and promised to sign a contract with him that would revitalize his career.

But when Oscar learned the truth about Luka’s mishap, he made his video evidence public and exposed Gus’ real identity. Though it was a little late. Seba promptly posted a video on his Twitter account about the claims that he was involved in Freddy’s overdose incident after fast letting Gus know that his classmates were plotting against him to win Gus’ trust. In other words, Gus’s video made Oscar’s remarks irrelevant. Esteban Torres was the only one left who could reveal Gus at this time.

Esteban had been living in denial since the start of “Rebelde” Season 2. He only came to EWS in the previous season to learn the truth about his mother; he didn’t care about music. His easygoing demeanor and lack of a clear objective or purpose were also shown in Season 2. However, he made an effort to persuade himself that he wanted to win the contest to become a successful musician, and Gus took advantage of his frailty. His last name was changed from Torres to Colucci because it appeared more marketable when he brought him to the Trend-Z awards.

Esteban was still resistant to accepting the facts even at this time. He participated to win Gus’ approval even though he was aware that Dixon ought to have won the championship and was a Torres and not a Colucci. However, Esteban had a change of heart and resolved to do what was right after learning from Oscar that Gus attempted to kill Luka. He didn’t do anything when he got on stage; he just told everyone that Gus was a killer.

"Rebelde" Season 2's Finale: Is Gus Dead?

While Gus attempted to control the commotion, it was too late. As soon as he entered the lobby backstage, he attacked Oscar for betraying him. Gus was about to harm Oscar when Esteban arrived and intervened. Esteban became upset after Gus made derogatory comments about his father, and he lost control. Gus took a heavy punch to the face from him, and then all of a sudden, he slipped onto the stairwell and fell.

When Oscar reached Gus, he was horrified to see that he was dead. In the final moment, we watched Esteban being hauled away by the police as Luka opened his eyes in the hospital as hastily fled the scene of the murder. Yes, Luka did awaken from unconsciousness, but will his testimony be enough to spare Esteban, his brother? Perhaps not Luka, but in the mid-credits sequence, another Colucci steps in to save Esteban.

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‘Rebelde’ Season 2: the Mid-credits Scene – Season 3: What Can We Expect?

The mid-credits sequence took place sometime after the terrible Trend-Z awards night. Celina Ferrer has returned to EWS as principal and is presenting diploma certificates to graduating students. Almost everyone attends the graduation ceremony, including Esteban, Luka, and Oscar, implying that Esteban was released by the police, or is it something else? Before we get there, the mid-credits scene reveals that everything is back to normal in these adolescents’ life.

MJ and Dixon are together, while Jane and Esteban share a pleasant moment, implying an impending reconciliation. Luka, on the other hand, organizes an escape to New York with Oscar, fulfilling a promise they made to each other. Finally, Andi’s love interest, Emilia Alo, returns to school and is seen speaking with Celina, who will most likely find a method to obtain Emilia’s re-admission or an internship so that she does not have to return to her home country because her VISA has expired.

The scene concludes with Oscar Cabarga Negrete being arrested for the murder of Gustavo Bauman. Luka tries to assist him, but the cops arrest him. Esteban resolves to go after the cops and tell them the truth as soon as he learns of Oscar’s imprisonment, but Marcelo Colucci stops him, saying Colucci always defends his own. So, what does this all mean?

It is shown that following Gus’ unintentional passing, Marcelo utilized his connections to shield his son Esteban and paid the police to detain Oscar. Oscar was also present at the scene of the incident, but he didn’t punch or push Gus. Most likely, during a police inquiry or court case in “Rebelde” Season 3, Luka would attempt to defend his boyfriend Oscar and demonstrate his innocence, while Marcelo will exert all of his efforts to defend Esteban.

As usual, Esteban will make the ultimate decision. He will have the option to admit the truth and do what is right. But before that, Luka and Esteban, who will undoubtedly play a significant role in Season 3, may become estranged as a result of the effort to save Oscar.

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