Reinforcement of the Army with about fifty experts

Facing the reality of Govt-19, the CHUM’s critical situation forced the hospital to call in the army for reinforcement. This Monday, August 02, 2021, several experts departed from Orleans Airport for Martinique, with cargo of equipment including 10 sheave beds.

Name Positive corona virus cases erupt At Martinique University Hospital. The intensive care unit is overcrowded Welcome tents have been set up Last weekend, an attempt was made to better control the flow of patients suffering from Govt-19 disease.

Faced with this tense situation, the General Hospital had to call for reinforcement from the military. About fifty experts will be mobilized, including resuscitators.

This sorting takes place in two stages.

First, on August 2, we will present all the products in the first series of 36 experts.

Then on August 7 a sub, with other experts.

The goal is for the assembly to be fully operational by August 8th.

(Col. Pascal Lanny – Spokesman for the Chief of the French Department of Information Security)

In their inventory, 10 resurrection beds and additional equipment.

CHU / Covit / Corona virus reinforcement inventory

Exports of medical reinforcements from the Armed Forces dedicated to Martinique University Hospital depart from Orleans Airport (Monday, August 02, 2021).

Im Dmitry Sastan / French Air Force and Space Army

In a very unfavorable environment: tired teams, leave period (eligible …), vaccination rate is still very low, the hospital is already severely affected. Faced with this situation, he had to reorganize (…).

The rapid increase in demand violates the clinical and resuscitation capabilities of CHU, adversely affecting the treatment of patients with other diseases.

Postponed hospitals

At the same time as guaranteeing emergency and cancer, the situation prompts us to reduce surgical interventions and postpone certain hospitals.

Those who care for us, the so-called “soldiers” and those who applauded daily at 8pm a few months ago, now face the dilemma of caring for one type of patient more than others.

(Martinique University Hospital Administration)

CHUM was already launched a few days ago Call for volunteer caregivers, including retirees, To help active groups. But the situation is even worse, hence the support of the military.

Medical reinforcements of the Armed Forces were not their first mission because they had already been stationed in Guyana specifically for two months, which allowed the care of 50 patients severely affected by Govt-19.

Military Aircraft / CHUM / Govt / Corona Virus

Military aircraft departing from Orleans Airport for Martinique with medical reinforcements and equipment (August 02, 2021).

Im Dmitry Sastan / French Air Force and Space Army

The military aircraft is expected to arrive at Aimé Césaire du Lamentin International Airport on Monday, August 02, 2021, at the end of Monday.