Rent a Girlfriend Season 3: Release Date, What Studio is Responsible for Season 3 of Rent-A-Girlfriend?

Since its initial release in 2012, a total of 28 volumes of the Manga series Kanojo, Okarishimasu have been released. In the year 2020, the manga series Rent a Girlfriend was adapted into an anime television series of the same name.

There have been two seasons of the anime thus far, and only recently, the season two finale aired. The premiere date for Rent a Girl season 3 has not been set, although the show has been renewed for a third instalment.

Rent a Girlfriend Season 3


The romantic comedy anime series Rent a girlfriend chronicles the lives of a young man named Kazuya Kinoshita after he is dumped by his girlfriend.

To that end, he plans to sign up for a Rent a girlfriend type dating app in order to meet a suitable female companion. Chizuru Mizuhara, a stunning young lady he meets via the app, turns out to be very shrewd, attends the same high school as Kazuya Kinoshita, and resides in the same city.

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  1. Kazuya Kinoshita is portrayed by Shun Horie.
  2. The martial art of Shun Kuribayashi is performed here by Landon McDonald.
  3. Chizuru appears in the works of Lizzie Freeman.
  4. Cazuya is portrayed by Aleks Le.
  5. Playing the role of Imai is Tara Sands.
  6. Kazuya is introduced by Alex Le.
  7. Masayuki Akasaka is Kibe Yoshiaki’s legal counsel.
  8. Mami’s voice is performed by Laura Megan Stahl.


Season 3 of Rent-A-Girlfriend will pick up approximately where Season 2 left off, which is Chapter 104 of the manga. It will focus on the well-known Rental Girlfriend’s Dream Arc, in which Kazuya and Chizuru attempt to make a film.

Because of the fact that Chizuru’s grandmother is getting older, the family hopes she lives to see her granddaughter achieve her lifelong ambition of becoming a successful actress. In this season, we meet Mini Yaemori, a new girl who will play an integral role in the story. This plot line is the most touching and meaningful of all the others.

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Release Date

Season 3 of Rent a Girlfriend has not yet been given a premiere date, but it is expected to premiere sometime between the end of 2023 and the beginning of 2024.

The anime is written by Mitsutaka Hirota and directed by Kazuomi Koga. It has been speculated that a special event will reveal more information about the upcoming season.

Rent a Girlfriend Season 3

TMS Entertainment is returning as the season’s animation studio. Crunchyroll, Sentai Filmworks, and Muse Communications have all purchased licences for Rent a Girlfriend.

The third season of Rent a Girlfriend will continue the story from the second season and adapt the remaining volumes of the manga. The show is about a college student who, after experiencing a real breakup, leases a girlfriend, as the title suggests.

Which Production Company Is Responsible for Rent-A-Girlfriend Season 3?

TMS Entertainment, who also animated the first two seasons, will return to animate season three. In addition to Dr. Stone, Detective Conan, and Fruits Basket, they have animated many others.

Along with the Season 3 renewal article, the news was also revealed. TMS Entertainment has thus far showed outstanding consistency with its animation and fidelity to the source text. Rent-A-Girlfriend has had two great seasons, so the third should be in good hands as well.



In case you’re curious about the show’s quality but have yet to watch it, let me reassure you: it’s excellent. Having an IMDb rating of 7.3 is excellent. Therefore, I have added this programme to my watch list. Take into account the opinions of those who have seen it already if you’re on the fence about watching it.

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The romantic comedy Rent A Girlfriend is both funny and sweet. This anime has a fresh premise, well-drawn characters, and heartwarming slice-of-life moments. It’s funny to watch the protagonist get deeper into trouble just as he’s starting to get out of it, but it’s also compelling and emotionally fascinating to the point where you want him to admit his feelings. With no doubt, one of the best anime of 2022.

Where Can I See “Rent a Girlfriend?”

For those who sign up for a Funimation Subscription, they’ll have access to the entire series, including both the first and second seasons. As a result of the proliferation of streaming services on the internet, viewers are no longer limited to their living rooms or cinemas to enjoy their favourite shows and films.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Series’s Season Count Like?

When Season 1 ended, viewers were left wondering if there will be a Season 2. The show’s producer, Taiki Kakizaki, even encouraged fans to pre-Aorder the Blu-ray on Twitter in the hopes of generating enough buzz to warrant a second season.

Is Chizuru Fond of Kazuya?

Chizuru is moved by Kazuya’s sincere attempt to preserve her life, and she agrees to be Kazuya’s rental girlfriend for as long as he requires it. After “dating” for a while, Chizuru learns to be more patient and understanding of Kazuya.


The third season of Rent-A-Girlfriend will continue the story from the second season. The premiere date for Rent a Girl season 3 has not been set, although it is expected to premiere sometime between the end of 2023 and the beginning of 2024.

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