October 25, 2021


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Resignation, a new viral trend in Dictok

More and more users are knocking on the door of their business without worrying about the direct effects on the social network.

Then ‘Origin of recruitment on Tic Tac Toe, Internet users are now filming themselves resigning. In the United States, the movement has been accelerating, especially since the release of Shana Blackwell’s video in October 2020.

This employee of the supermarket chain Walmart, In Texas, filmed during his resignation announcement. After a year and a half of work, she was harassed and a 19-year-old woman caught the shop speakers for slandering her manager. At Dictok, the video was viewed more than 35 million times and was widely shared on social media. Since then, many dictators have followed the hashtag “#QuitMyJobAll videos with this reference have received over 124 million views.

Shana Blackwell writes on her dictatorial account, “Here is the video of me leaving my toxic, sexual and racist workplace. Screenshot

This phenomenon is starting to appear in France, but with some differences. French users do not have to photograph themselves during their resignation, but rather share their experience and offer advice. Hashtag “# ExcludeHas more than 6 7.6 million views. Mary *, following nearly 26,000 subscribers in Dictoc, left her post as Communications Manager in March 2021. The reason is a bad environment within his company and no chance for career development. A few days later, Mary shared a video to provide explanations. “The main goal is not to give advice, but rather to express personal feelings on the matter because it is closer to my heart. In fact, I post the experiences I want to share on stage, whether they are good or bad.», She mentions.

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Comments posted in Public Square

This evidence will be useful to reluctant people. Some users dare to tell others not to hesitate to leave when things are not going well», Isabelle Varga, Professional Management Consultant. According to her, when videos are about counseling or witnessing, they take place on dictation. It is dangerous when employees express their anger through videos. “You should not make a bad speech against your old company. The problem is, these words are posted in the public square. In France, contempt can be condemned and prosecuted», She mentions. Sharing this type of video may harm future applications. In fact, employers have the opportunity to view these publications so that a person can stop hiring.

Isabelle Varga offers some advice to employees who want to resign: “First, we must be careful not to resign until we have nothing, unless the psychological situation requires it. Then, do not hesitate to seek support to develop your future professional plan. Finally, above all, do not criticize your old company directly, so as not to cause harm.

* First name has been changed.

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