Riff Raff Net Worth: How Did He Become So Prosperous? selling “Lilac Lightning” Mclaren Gt

Horst Christian Simco is an American rapper from Houston, Texas. He goes by the stage name Riff Raff. His family used to live in Copperfield, Texas, but later moved to nearby Stone Creek.

Later, when his father got cancer, the family moved to Duluth, Minnesota, because his father was sick. Horst went to Hibbing Community College in Hibbing, Minnesota, where he played basketball with a lot of passion.

He didn’t like college, so he left and went back to Houston, where he worked several low-paying jobs while building his career as a rapper and his new identity as Riff Raff.

Riff Raff the Early Years

Horst Christian Simco was born on January 29, 1982, in Houston, Texas. He is Riff Raff’s son. His parents, Anita Isaacs and Ronald Simco. His mother worked as a maid, and his father was a Vietnam War veteran who had different jobs. Because of his time in the war, Ronald Simco got PTSD which was very bad. Riff Raff was the third of four children.

Riff Raff went to Langham Creek High School, where he played shooting guard on the basketball team until his senior year when he dropped out.

When his father was told he had cancer of the tonsils, his parents divorced, and the family moved to Duluth, Minnesota.

After getting his GED, he went to Hibbing Community College in Hibbing, Minnesota, where he played basketball for school. But in 2003, he stopped going to school and moved back to Houston.


There, he got a job painting cars in the “candy-colored” style that was popular at the time, and he slowly became known as the rapper Riff Raff. He moved to Los Angeles so that he could become a rapper.

Education by Riff Raff

The Riff attended Langham Creek High School for his main education and graduated with decent grades. He began singing professionally when he was just ten years old. He was well-known within the school itself for his singing career.

The riff enrolled at Hibbing Community College for his new studies after finishing high school. There, too, he had demonstrated his rapping prowess. Due to his impressive rapping performance, the teacher was greatly impressed.

Personal Life of Riff Raff

He had inked his entire body with several tattoos throughout his rapping career. He enjoys writing some original lyrics and presenting them to the audience in original ways. He enjoys NBA games as well. He had a string of hit songs after that and was well-known in the business.

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Bella Elise Rose and The Riff had been married. She had become completely engrossed in her raps when she discovered him. They pledged to live together and are quite pleased with one other, but they are not legally married.

How Did He Get to Be So Successful?

To understand why Riff Raff has been so successful, you have to go back to 2005, when he started working with DB da Boss, who was his first manager.

Later, in an interview with LA Weekly, DB da Boss said that Riff Raff “was very driven and very ambitious.” He also said that “you couldn’t argue with his work ethic” and that “under his tough exterior is a very smart man.”

In those few sentences, DB da Boss explained why Riff Raff was so successful. He was driven, knew what he wanted to do, and had a strong desire to succeed.

He had a clear goal and was sure of himself. He was ready to work hard to get where he wanted to go, and the amount of work he has put out over the years shows that he hasn’t slowed down.

Riff Raff’s Net Worth

Riff Raff’s earnings Rapper Riff Raff is an American with a $7 million fortune. Around 2015, he first rose to fame on YouTube, and since then, his social media following has greatly increased.

Rapper Riff Raff is Selling His “Lilac Lightning” 2021 Mclaren GT

Riff Raff, whose real name is Horst Christian Simco, first signed with Swishahouse co-founder OG Ron C. From 2013 to 2015, he was signed to DJ and producer Diplo’s record label Mad Decent.

He also started his own record label and production company called Neon Nation Corporation. All of these things helped him get to a net worth of about $7 million.

A few months ago, the rapper was also on an episode of Daniel Mac’s show where he asks people with flashy, expensive cars what they do for a living.

Riff Raff was one of the people who took the time to talk more about their lives. He said that he “makes hits” and talked about his colorful 2021 McLaren GT, which he bought in October 2021 and had customized at the McLaren Charlotte dealership. He went on to say that he used “day glow” calipers instead of “Barbie hot pink” ones.

The same car is now on the market. The supercar has a Ceramic Grey finish, which cost him an extra $7,500, racing stripes, and new side skirts.

The pink theme continues with the “RIFF RAFF” decal on the hood. The McLaren comes with a set of lightweight forged alloy wheels with ten twin-spoke spokes that come from the factory.


Riff Raff’s age

Riff Raff is another name for Horst Simco. His birthdate is 1982-01-29, making him 40 years old.

Riff Raff’s height

He shares the same height as Gucci Mane, Notorious B.I.G., Meek Mill, Future, and RZA, to name a few, at 6 ft 2 in (188.0 cm), which is Riff Raff’s height.

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