Robinhood App Download: Review, Login, Is it Secure, Charges & More [Guide]

Here, we will discuss the Robinhood App, which is regarded as one of the best stock trading apps for novices. This stock application is downloadable on Android and iOS mobile devices, as well as desktop computers via its website.

In this article, we will analyse several aspects of this stock tracking software, such as how it generates revenue, if it is available for download outside the United States, and whether it is suited for novice investors.

Therefore, whether you are searching for the RobinHood app download, have questions about the Robinhood stock price, or wish to obtain Robinhood free stock, you have come to the right place.

This guide is for you if you want to know how to sign up for Robinhood or why you can’t download the Robinhood app in India.

Robinhood App Review

The Robinhood App is a mobile investment and trading application that is compatible with Android and iOS devices.

You do not need to pay a fee to opt-out of the services that this app provides, which is the one thing that distinguishes it from other trading apps.

The fact that the app is free and simple to use, as well as available on both iOS and Android, makes it ideal for rookie investors who are just beginning their investing experience.

This application allows you to begin investing with as little as 1 rupee. With a credit or debit card and a smartphone, you can immediately begin investing your funds. Not only may traditional currency be bought and sold commission-free, but so can cryptocurrencies.

  • It makes investing so easy that anyone may begin investing immediately.
  • Using the Trading capabilities provided by this application, you can Buy money, Bitcoin, and manage your cash.
  • It also contains Guides that explain to you how financial markets function.
  • Therefore, if you’re a beginner and don’t want to pay commissions, this is the best investment and trading app currently available.

How does Robinhood generate revenue?

Robinhood is a mobile and web-based platform that offers commission-free trading to everyone.

Even if the company did not receive the commission, Payment for Order Flow and a few other methods create a substantial income.

However, the majority of their revenue comes from order flow, where they get compensation for steering trading orders to a small number of other parties.

It may appear tiny to a single retail investor who only invests a small amount, but when multiplied by the number of trades made by this, it is a significant amount.

Providing this App without commissions encourages new investors.

According to press sources, in 2018 they generated 69 million dollars in revenue from order flow alone, which represented less than 40 percent of their overall revenue.

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Is it truly gratis?

This application is entirely free for investors. According to the company’s promise, no commission was charged to traders, and the corporation will not charge investors any money.

The majority of Robin Hood Income is derived from order flow received after transaction completion.

So it is reasonable to state that there are no brokerage fees associated with this mobile application for stock trading.

Is Robinhood App legitimate and safe?

The Robinhood App is as secure and legitimate as any other stock and investing broker.

Other Stockbrokers will charge you a commission for trading stocks, which differentiates our service from the competition.

While this application does not require a commission.

How does Robinhood App operate

The Robinhood Software functions identically to any other stockbroking app. There are few other ways for them to generate income except charging a commission.

Here is how it generates revenue:

Rebates from market makers and trading venues – Once an investor executes a trade on this platform, the market offers brokerage rebates.

Robinhood Gold – This is a tool created for investors who desire a set of advanced investment options. It is optional, however traders must pay 5 USD every month to utilise it.

Stock loan – In exchange for interest, this stockbroker lends money to third parties in the form of stock loans.

Income derived from cash – The cash that users invest in this application also generates income in the form of interest.

Cash Management – Generating funds from partner companies to manage cash.

This Official Website provides further information about this topic.

This company concept is also explained by Investopedia.

Compared to Cash App

Both smartphone programmes are an incredible platform for accumulating wealth, especially since they are both free.

However, the Cash app enables you to begin saving with as little as one dollar.

Here is the video that will better assist you in choosing between Cash App and Robinhood.

In the video, Carter Farr does a good job of deciding which option is preferable.

Other Top Stock Trading Applications for Novices (Alternatives)

If you are seeking for alternatives to Robinhood or the best stock trading apps for beginners, here are a few:

Additionally, Cash App offers free investing. You can begin investing with as little as one dollar.

WeBull – Better suited for intermediate or advanced investors who have extensive experience trading on the stock market.

TradeStation offers commission-free stock and options trading as well. It is ideal for experienced investors and traders.

Moomoo — Moomoo is suitable for newbie traders who are cost-conscious regarding the expenses they incur while purchasing stocks.

M1 Finance is a fully automated investment platform. For a standard account, however, a minimum of $100 is required, while a minimum of $500 is required for a retirement account.

Download App Robinhood

The Robinhood App may be downloaded from the official app stores for Android and iOS mobile devices.

It is straightforward to download and install on the vast majority of smartphones due to its compatibility with the two most popular mobile operating systems.

Download Android Robinhood App APK

Here is the procedure for downloading the Robinhood App APK for Android –

  • Here is the link to the Google play store’s Downloads page:
  • Thereafter, click the install button.
  • The installation will begin; please wait until the application is entirely installed on your Android device.
  • After installing the Apk on your phone, you can create a new account or log in to your existing one.
  • Download the iOS Robinhood app from the App store
  • Here is the procedure you must follow to download the Robinhood app for your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or any other iOS-compatible device.

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Here is the URL to the iOS App store’s installation page:

  • On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, you will be routed to the iTunes App Store app.
  • Now click Install to download App.
  • Wait until the application is entirely downloaded on your Apple iOS device.
  • If you have already registered an account, you may now open the iOS on your iPad or iPhone and register a new account or log in to your existing one.

Robinhood Desktop App Download

At the time this post was published, there was no Robinhood Desktop App, thus you cannot download a desktop app on your Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 Desktop/Laptop, or Mac.

However, you can utilise the Web version, which is accessible through any web browser.

If you want to access Trading on your computer using the same account you used on your mobile device, you can visit the official website and use the web version.

Credit Master App by Alpha Team is proposed.

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How to Download Outside of the United States in India

This Application is intended exclusively for the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

NIFTY and Sensex are the Indian stock exchanges, none of which are available on this app.

Groww App, which I personally use for investing, is available for download from the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store if you’re looking for the ideal stock trading app.

If you have a personal computer, you can Open a Zerodha Account, which allows you to trade not only in stocks but also in Currency, Forex, Commodity, and Mutual Funds.

How to log in to Robinhood

After downloading and installing the app on your mobile device, the next step to begin investing is to simply create an account.

If you are new to this Application, you must first create an account; once you have done so, you can login to your Robinhood account.

Robinhood Customer service phone number

If you require assistance or are experiencing a problem, please contact Robinhood Customer Service using the details provided below:

  • Customer support email:
  • Website of record:
  • Customer care number: (650) 940-2700 (from 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 a.m. EST on weekdays)
  • That concludes my evaluation of the Robinhood stock trading app.

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