Rooney Mara Net Worth: Check Everything About This Celebrity Here!

Patricia Rooney Mara (/Mr/ MAIR-; born April 17, 1985) is an actress from the United States. She has won a Cannes Film Festival Award for Best Actress, as well as nominations for two Academy Awards, a British Academy Film Award, and two Golden Globe Awards.

She began her acting career in television and independent films, such as the coming-of-age drama Tanner Hall (2009), and she gained additional recognition for a supporting role in David Fincher’s biographical drama The Social Network (2010).

Rooney Mara’s Net Worth

Rooney Mara is a wealthy American actress with a net worth of $20 million.

Rooney Mara Net Worth

Although Mara began her career in television series and independent films, she broke through with a number of high-profile film roles in the early 2010s.


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Aside from acting, Rooney is well-known for her charitable work and for being the heiress to TWO professional football dynasties, the Steelers and the Giants. Her extended family still owns and manages the two teams.

The extended Rooney and Mara families are worth billions due to their ownership of these two NFL teams.

Early life

Joaquin Phoenix was born Joaquin Rafael Bottom before achieving fame and fortune. On October 28, 1974, in San Juan, Puerto Rico, his parents, John Lee Bottom and Arlyn Dunetz, gave birth to him. His father was a Catholic from the mainland of United States, and his mother was an Ashkenazi Jew.

However, the couple decided to become missionaries for the Children of God religious cult, traveling throughout South America.

The family later became disillusioned with the cult’s bizarre rules and decided to return to the United States. Joaquin was three years old when his parents decided to give him the surname Phoenix. It represented the family’s life-altering decision to leave the cult and start over.

Acting Career

Phoenix’s family relocated to Los Angeles in 1979, where Phoenix’s mother met Iris Burton, a well-known child agent. Joaquin and his four siblings landed commercials and minor TV roles there. In the 1982 television series Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, he made his acting debut.

Rooney Mara Net Worth

Backward: The Riddle of Dyslexia, an ABC Afterschool Special episode from 1984, starred Phoenix. He went by the stage name ‘Leaf Phoenix,’ and he performed alongside his brother River.

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Phoenix made his big screen debut in 1986 with Space Camp. The plot revolved around a group of children attending a space camp. When their shuttle is accidentally launched into orbit, everything goes wrong and the kids find themselves in space. The film, which had an $18 million budget, was a box office flop, grossing only $9.6 million worldwide.

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