Russia’s Supreme Court has dissolved the NGO Memorial, a pillar of independence in the country

This result was studied while waiting abroad. On Tuesday, December 28, the Russian Supreme Court announced that the memory of the NGO that had been a pillar of the struggle against repression in modern-day Russia and a defender of the memory of the victims of the coup would be dismantled.

The decision comes at the end of a year marked by increasing repression of the people, voluntary organizations and the media, who are seen as critical of President Vladimir Putin, who has been in power for nearly 22 years. “Decision to dissolve Memorial International and its regional branches”, The NGO wrote in its Telegram account.

A few seconds ago, Judge Alla Nazarova said “Accept the lawyer’s request” We need to disband this NGO. Questionable, disrespectful of obligations as a result of the law of “foreign agent”. This label – reminiscent of the “enemy of the people” in the Soviet Union – refers to companies that act against Russian interests because they receive foreign funds.

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The decision to “send Russia back to its past”

“This is a wicked, unjust decision.”, Defense Attorney, Maria Icemond responded. The monument has been exploring Soviet refinements for more than thirty years and exposing contemporary repression, especially Mr. Identifies the repression of the Putin regime. Prior to the ruling, the group had said it would do its best to continue its work despite the ban. “Memorial International is sending Russia to its past to dismantle, and increasing the risk [nouvelles] Repressions “, Assessed before the court mMe Easmond.

In early November, the government was accused of violating the memorial and asked to dismantle it. “Formally” Duties of his position as a “foreign agent”. In court on Tuesday, attorney Alexei Zafiarov thwarted a systematic attack targeting a voluntary charity. “Create a false image of the USSR as a terrorist state”, From “Dirty Memory” World War II and the search “Rehabilitate Nazi Criminals”.

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But the legal issues of the monument did not end there. In another case, the prosecution sought to disband the Center for the Defense of Human Rights, which has been accused of apologizing. “Terrorism and Terrorism”, In addition to violations of the law on “foreign agents”. The case is set to go to trial in a Moscow court on Wednesday. NGO lawyers have condemned the unsubstantiated, disproportionate and political harassment, and the memorial is one of the latest victims of a long list of NGOs, protesters and the media who have been prosecuted in recent months.

Dozens of NGOs, protesters and the independent media have been prosecuted

At the beginning of 2021 – and for two and a half years – the Authorities have arrested Alexei Navalny, the Kremlin’s number one rival, Then banned his organization in June “Terrorism”. Many of his supporters were re-arrested Tuesday. Dozens of people, voluntary organizations that protect human rights or sexual minorities, and the independent media have been accused of being “foreign agents” or extremists.

Moscow has launched an offensive on the digital front. Penalties against web heroes Do not delete anti-related content. Thirty years after the collapse of the Soviet Union, as described by Vladimir Putin, the conflict between the two visions of Russian history illustrates the problems of the monument. “The biggest geopolitical disaster” Of XXe Century.

Established in the aftermath of the Soviet Union by dissidents, including Andrei Sakharov, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, the monument aims to shed light on the millions of victims of Soviet crime. For its defenders, it is now subject to an increasingly pronounced stimulus by the Kremlin, a view of history that glorifies the power of the Soviet Union and downplays the over-characterization of Stalinism.

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The Center for the Defense of Human Rights specializes in violations committed in its view by the contemporary Russian government. For its activities, the monument has been under pressure for a long time and has already paid a heavy price. In 2009, her manager Natalia Estemirova was abducted in Chechnya and later hanged. One of its historians was Yuri Dmitriev He was sentenced Monday to fifteen years in prison For a business “Sexual Abuse” He was denounced as a stunt aimed at punishing him for his research on Soviet terrorism.

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