Scott Hamilton Net Worth 2022: How Did He Become So Wealthy?

Olympic gold medallist Scott Scovell Hamilton is a retired American figure skater. He captured the U.S. title four times in a row (1981–1984), the World title four times in a row (1981–1984), and an Olympic gold in 1984.

His trademark maneuver is a backflip, which few other figure skaters could pull off and which is prohibited by U.S. Figure Skating and Olympic competition rules, but which he included in both his amateur display routines for the audience’s enjoyment and his professional competition performances.

He is also praised for his creative footwork patterns. He has written three novels, participated in philanthropic work in retirement, and written.

Early Life and Education

In Toledo, Ohio, Scott Hamilton was born on August 28, 1958. He was adopted by Dorothy and Ernest, two academics, when he was six weeks old, and was raised in Bowling Green.

Hamilton has an adopted younger brother named Steven, as well as an older sister named Susan who is the biological child of his parents.


Hamilton had a mystery illness that caused him to stop growing when he was two years old. The illness began to improve after numerous testing and incorrect diagnoses; subsequently, a congenital brain tumor was found to be the root of the problem.

Hamilton attended Kenwood Elementary School when he was younger. When he was 13 years old, he began skating lessons with Olympic champion Pierre Brunet. Hamilton pursued higher education at Bowling Green State University.


In the 1980 U.S. Figure Skating Championships, Hamilton came in third. He was selected for the American Olympic Team as a result.

He was being mentored by Don Laws at the time. He finished fifth in the 1980 Winter Olympics. He gained notoriety in 1981 after going to the US Championships. The audience applauded him while standing.

In the 1981 World Figure Skating Championship, Hamilton took home the gold. He obtained overall grades of 5.8 and 5.9 for technical quality throughout his lengthy program. He began the lengthy routine with a triple Lutz Jump, one of his most difficult jumps.

He won the required figures at the 1984 Olympics. He executed five jumps for the show: a triple Lutz, a triple flip, a triple toe walley, and a triple toe loop.

Hamilton came in second but took home the gold while Brian Orser won the program. He spent two years touring with the Ice Capades after going pro.

Prior to his retirement in 2001, he co-founded, co-produced, and participated in “Stars on Ice” for a total of 15 years. He still makes appearances as a guest performer on occasion.

As the first solo male figure skater to receive the Jacques Favart Award, Hamilton received many skating accolades.

Hamilton was admitted to the United Olympic Hall of Fame in 1990.

Scott Hamilton Dates Whom?

Our records show that Scott Hamilton was married to Tracie Hamilton. Scott Hamilton hasn’t been dating anyone as of May 2022.

Relationships: Scott Hamilton has no known relationships in the past. You could assist us in compiling Scott Hamilton’s dating data!


Hamilton received the Foundation’s first-ever “Celebrity Wish Granter of the Year” award in 1990, as the Make-A-Wish Foundation celebrated its tenth anniversary.

Scott Hamilton’s Estimated Net Worth

Former figure skater, author, and television expert Scott Hamilton has a $9 million fortune. won the Olympic gold medal at the 1984 Winter Games in Sarajevo, breaking the country’s male figure skaters’ 24-year gold medal drought.

From 1981 to 1984, he also captured four straight US and World Championships. Hamilton was known for his complex footwork patterns and backflips when skating.

1984 Winter Olympics

At the Winter Olympics in Sarajevo in 1984, Hamilton experienced one of his most memorable moments on the international scene.

He started off well, winning the mandatory figures and placing second in the short program. Hamilton tried five leaps during the long program, landing three of them: a triple Lutz, a triple toe walley, and a triple toe loop combined with a double loop.

Despite finishing second once more, this time to Brian Orser, Hamilton was still able to win thanks to Orser’s mediocre performance in the mandatory figures.

Hamilton won the gold medal as a result, ending the 24-year Olympic gold medal drought for American male ice skaters.

Championship Runs

Hamilton’s breakthrough came in the US Championships in 1981. He received a thunderous standing ovation from the audience for his nearly flawless performance.

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Hamilton won the championship and went on to win every subsequent amateur competition. He won the World Figure Skating Championships that same year.

Hamilton went on to win 1982, 1983, and 1984 US and World Championships, making it four straight victories in both events for him.

Some Scott Hamilton Unknown Facts

  • Scott Hamilton smokes, right? No
  • Does Scott Hamilton consume booze? Yes,
  • Scott Hamilton is very conscientious about his health.
  • Scott Hamilton eats before nine o’clock at night.
  • Figure skaters are Scott Hamilton’s absolute favorites.
  • Scott Hamilton enjoys watching television programs and games.
  • Scott Hamilton, whom he has adored since childhood, has said that he has a crush on him.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Scott Hamilton’s age?

Scott Hamilton is 63 years old right now (28 August 1958).

What does Scott Hamilton get paid?

A $3 million annual income is what Scott Hamilton reportedly makes.

What is Scott Hamilton’s height?

Scott Hamilton stands at 1.63 m (5′ 2″) in height.

What is Scott Hamilton’s wife’s name?

Tracie Hamilton is Scott Hamilton’s wife (m. 2002).

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