Sephora Digital Events 2022: Sephora’s Inclusive Virtual Beauty Event is Back This Year.


This fall, Sephora will host “Sephoria House of Beauty,” a two-day, interactive beauty event in Los Angeles to celebrate the company’s 20th anniversary.

As they make their way through the Sephoria House of Beauty, visitors will find rooms showcasing brand founders, influencers, custom products, services, classes, hot beauty brands, and one-of-a-kind swag.

Shoppers can experience 50 of Sephora‘s best-selling brands and products in their own private rooms. The store claims that the event will also feature the chance to meet new people and take selfies, in addition to the food and drink.

Deborah Yeh, SVP of marketing and brand at Sephora, said in a statement, “Sephoria sets out to celebrate the often indescribable euphoria you get from playing in the vast world of beauty, from discovering game-changing products to trying out a new look to engaging with digital technology.”

The rest of what Yeh said was, “We’ve drawn from our deep understanding of the kinds of physical and digital beauty experiences clients love from Sephora, and set out to create the ultimate event that fuses fun, education, and inspiration, and gives our community a place to live out all of their beauty fantasies.”

Visitors will be able to test out products, try out new hair and makeup styles, learn about the latest makeup application methods, and become immersed in Sephora’s welcoming beauty community, all of whom the retailer is actively courting.

Tickets for Sephoria, which will take place on October 20 and 21 at Los Angeles’ The Majestic Downtown, go on sale in July and come in three different package tiers, with special ticket offerings for loyalty members.

Table of Contents

Among Sephoria’s Many Features Are Virtual Meeting Spaces.

This year’s event features seven digital spaces housing more than 35 brands, including several that are new to the market and available only at Sephora.

Sephora Digital Events 2022

  • The Foyer is an area where guests are greeted and where they can find information about the convention, including a 3D map and schedule of events, a concierge desk where they can learn about and sign up for the Beauty Insider program, a prize booth where they can find out about the various ways in which they can earn points, and a display of the special P.O.A.P. that can be claimed right away.
  • To learn more about Sephora’s products and brands, guests can visit the Home Theater, the event’s main stage, and participate in live chats and exclusive masterclasses. There will be interactive games and retail touchpoints available in this area.
  • For 2022, we’ve added La Sala (the family room), where we’ll be airing exclusive programming in both Spanish and English with subtitles to celebrate Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) and Latinx-owned beauty brands, influencers, and culture.
  • The “Kitchen” is a brand-new location for holiday-themed segments and gift-giving advice.
  • The Spa is a relaxing area where guests can indulge in activities like meditation, facial exercises, and astrology readings to help them focus on their own well-being.
  • Sunroom: An area highlighting Sephora’s Clean and Clean + Planet-Positive brands, including product ingredients and sustainability practices.
  • Games, digital photos, and surprise visitors are all part of the backyard’s fun atmosphere.

Following last year’s successful virtual event, senior VP of external communications and experiential marketing Jessica Stacey expressed excitement about bringing Sephora back again this year to even more visitors from around the globe. Sephoria is the most interactive and inclusive virtual event for the Sephora community, with unparalleled access to exclusive content, founders, product sneak peeks, and, engaging gamification. This year’s event will reach the United States, Canada, France, Spain, and Italy, and we’ve added enhanced experiences to make that happen. We know our customers will be pleasantly surprised by what we have in store for them when they return to the Sephoria virtual world.

More than 500 Sephora locations can be found in the Americas; by the end of the year, 600 Kohl’s stores will feature a Sephora “store within a store,” and by 2023, 850 Kohl’s stores will feature the concept.

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Sephora followed the practice of many other virtual event organizers by capping its sessions at 25 minutes. Live sessions were denoted by a graphic that read “LIVE,” and both live and prerecorded material was included in the broadcast. According to our observations, the atmosphere at each meeting was lighthearted and relaxed. For instance, Shani Darden’s masterclass with a Sephora beauty director started off as a lighthearted, conversational exchange but quickly transitioned into a useful tutorial. It’s also worth noting that, when people weren’t actively watching or listening to content, lively background music played in the background to make them feel like they were at the event in person.

Sephora Digital Events 2022

Attendees like us who wanted to make the most of our time at the event appreciated the constant pop-up reminders advertising upcoming sessions, Q&As, and sponsor experiences. Here’s an example: “LIVE: Questions about that #InfluencerLife? Just one minute until the #SephoraSquad takes over the Loft! Furthermore, while we’re on the topic of content, we wish more specifics about the beauty products used in the demonstrations had been provided. (These days, our recall isn’t what it used to be.)

Now that the first-ever virtual Sephora has concluded, the beauty retailer is already planning for the next installment, though it has yet to announce whether or not it will be held online. Media coverage, social buzz, and qualitative feedback from attendees will all help Sephora evaluate the success of the virtual experience, both in real-time and after the fact.

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For me, one of the best parts was getting to see my friends and colleagues from Sephora again in 2020, after a gap of a year. Biancamano exclaims, “We are very proud at what we were able to accomplish virtually, and are already planning Sephora 2022.” The event “evolved so beautifully from a vision and initial concept into such an engaging and easily navigable experience for clients,” the organizers said.

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