October 23, 2021


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Seventy-six new patients in China, registered daily from January

This is the first record since January. The China 76 new patients were reported on Monday
Govt, Most of these cases are registered in a province bordering the Chinese city of Shanghai. The first country faced
Corona virus at the end of 2019, The Asian company has almost eradicated the disease from its soil since the spring of 2020, after which life has largely returned to normal.

A success was especially appreciated thanks to massive screenings, harsh imprisonment or forced employment in the isolation of all people coming from abroad.

Widespread sources of pollution continue

Of the 76 new patients reported by the Chinese Ministry of Health, 39 were identified in the province of Jiangsu, north of Shanghai in eastern China. Thousands of residents in the provincial capital Nanjing are currently under control following the recent discovery of an epidemic focus at its airport.

As of Sunday, 9.2 million people living in this metropolis will have to undergo a second screening test to identify patients who take longer than usual to show symptoms.

At a time when the highly contagious delta variability is raging in neighboring India and Burma, China is rushing to adopt a zero tolerance policy towards the virus and prevent new outbreaks. A small Chinese city on the border with Burma uses facial recognition cameras to monitor the movements of its citizens and to divert the small attention of Govt-19.

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