Shetland Season 7: 2022 | The Release Schedule, The Actors, The Plot, and The Trailer!

Shetland Season 7 was Douglas Henshall’s last as DI Jimmy Perez, and the series had a dramatic ending in which Jimmy had to make a life-altering choice.

Unfortunately, the immensely popular actor has stated that this was his final appearance in a law enforcement role. The good news for viewers is that the show will go on with a new star at the helm.

To conclude the narrative of Jimmy Perez, David Kane and I agreed after Shetland Season 5 that we wanted to produce two more seasons,” explains Douglas Henshall. The sixth and seventh seasons were ordered simultaneously to allow for a proper conclusion to the Perez saga.

Shetland Season 5

As an actor, I count it among my greatest honours to have played Jimmy Perez for nearly a decade, to have met and worked with so many lovely people in the cast and crew, and to have spent so much time in Shetland.

The Isles played a significant role in both our show and in Perez’s life. I’ll miss him and the neighbourhood. In any case, best of luck to everyone concerned.

Shetland’s Season 7 Storyline

After the events of the previous season, Duncan turned himself in to the authorities. Jimmy said, “You don’t need to do this,” but Duncan insisted, “Yes I do.”

Douglas informs us at the beginning of the series that time has advanced a year and Jimmy is back at work, but this plot doesn’t take up much of the show’s focus.

“His yearlong suspension and the rest of the proceedings are almost over; after that, he can go back to work. With [seasons] six and seven to wind out the show, we were able to employ a true arc, and I believe he is just now reaching the point where he is unsure of whether he still feels it is worth doing. I think he’s realising that there’s more to life than just being a cop.”

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In this instalment, the squad is searching Shetland for a “vulnerable young man” named Connor.

What’s more, Douglas says “They have their own past, and we start to piece it together. As the plot develops, it becomes clear that Connor’s father, Danny Cairns (portrayed by Andrew Whipp), is not who he claims to be, and the drama takes on overtones of politics.

It’s very well-organized, and I anticipate that it will keep its readers guessing right up until the final page.”

Shetland Season 7

Shetland Season 7 Cast

Alison O’Donnell returns as DS Alison “Tosh” McIntosh, while Steven Roberston reprises his role as DC Sandy Wilson. In addition to Mark Bonnar, who plays Duncan.

The complete cast list is as follows:

  1. Douglas HenshallDI Jimmy Perez
  2. Alison O’Donnell – DS Alison ‘Tosh’ McIntosh
  3. Steven Robertson – DC Sandy Wilson
  4. Mark Bonnar – Duncan Hunter
  5. Julie Graham – Rhona Kelly
  6. Erin Armstrong – Cassie Perez
  7. Lewis Howden – Sgt Billy McCabe
  8. Anne Kidd – Cora McLean
  9. Angus Miller – Donnie
  10. Lucianne McEvoy – Meg Pattison
  11. Conor McCarry – PC Alex Grant
  12. Anneika RoseMaggie Kean
  13. Shauna Macdonald – Rachel Cairns
  14. Laurie Brett – Alison Woods
  15. Patrick Robinson – Lloyd Anderson
  16. Andrew WhippDanny Cairns
  17. Nicholas Nunn – Connor Cairns
  18. Lauren Conroy – Abbie Cairns
  19. Sorcha Groundsell – Bryd Fleming
  20. Stuart McQuarrie – Murry Rankin
  21. Antony Strachan – Ally Flett
  22. Grant O’Rourke – Jamie Narey
  23. Pauline Turner – Sheena Davidson

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When Will Episode 5 of Season 7 of Shetland Air?

Shetland, first shown on BBC One on 10 March 2013, is a critically acclaimed British crime drama. Despite having started with only a few of episodes, this show quickly gained enough attention to warrant a full season renewal.

Yes! Shetland Season 7 has begun airing, and a few episodes have already aired. Since the debut of the fourth episode, viewers have been counting down the days until the premiere of the fifth episode of Shetland Season 7.

Have You Seen a Trailer?

You may verify this by looking down below. A mother calls the police because she is concerned about her missing son. Jimmy tells his staff, “Let’s find him for the sake of the family. This is a vulnerable young guy. ‘Please, find my son,’ the distraught mother begs.

What Is the Total Number of Episodes in Shetland Season 7?

Douglas Henshall reprises his role as the lead in this detective drama adapted on the works of Ann Cleeves.

This season, the detective investigates the dark history of a local family that has recently moved there.

When they report their fragile son Connor missing, they open themselves up to scrutiny.

Parents In which Danny (Andrew Whipp) and Rachel (Shauna Macdonald) learn their kid has tried suicide in the past.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Season 7 of Shetland in the Works?

Season seven of Shetland aired its final episode on BBC1 at 9 o’clock that night, September 14, 2022. The good news is that the entire series is still available on BBC iPlayer. Also, the show will most likely return to BritBox in the United States.

2. Where Can I Find Shetland on Disney+?

Get Disney+ and watch Shetland online right now! A native of the Shetland Islands, Detective Jimmy Perez returns home after a lengthy absence to solve a murder case against the breathtaking background of Scotland’s Shetland Isles.

3. Where Can I Get the New Shetland Series?

The last season of the BBC One crime drama Shetland will feature detective Jimmy Perez leading his squad in the investigation of new murder cases around the Scottish island.


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