Single Drunk Female Season1 Ending

Single Drunk Female Season1 Ending: What Contributed to the Show’s Success?



Single Drunk Female is a Freeform comedy-drama television series that premiered in 2022. Samantha Fink, a young woman struggling with alcohol addiction, navigates her way through adulthood in the series.

Here’s a closer look at what contributed to the show’s success:

What Happened at the End of Single Drunk Female Season 1?

The season one finale of Single Drunk Female started off with a “alcoholic anxiety dream“. Sam had a dream in which she shared shots with her deceased father while dealing with her guilt over leaving him high and dry while she was sick. Sam went to meet with her probation officer Gail after having this dream.

Sam and Gail shared an emotional moment before saying their goodbyes after Sam completed her one-year sobriety check. Brit, on the other hand, was nervously preparing for her wedding day. She initially interpreted the fact that her wedding gown did not fit her as a sign that she should not marry.

Kate, on the other hand, dismissed the thought. When Sam finally summoned the courage to visit Brit in the locker room, she inquired about her decision to marry Joel.

Single Drunk Female Season1 Ending

However, the fact that Joel was Sam’s ex-boyfriend and best friend made the situation extremely awkward. Brit also kept their relationship a secret after Sam’s father died.

Brit and Sam’s friendship is still strained, and Sam plans to leave the wedding soon. She meets James, who appears to be inebriated and has slipped. He wants Sam to have a harmless drink with him and even tells her he loves her. Sam, on the other hand, is disgusted and departs.

Peter consoles Felicia, who was hesitant to attend the wedding. He informs her that Brit wishes to set them up, which is why she invited her to the wedding. A strong bond exists between Peter and Felicia.

Later, while Sam is playing a video game in her house, she discovers a shaken Brit on her doorstep. She explains to Sam, sobbing, that she went ahead with the wedding.

Following that, the pair sat silently together and began playing video games. The episode concluded with Felicia and Peter having a great time at Brit’s wedding while dancing and sharing drinks.

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“Single Drunk Female” Outstanding Achievements

Sofia Black-D’Elia, the lead actress, delivered an outstanding performance, effectively portraying Samantha’s complexities. Ally Sheedy, Rebecca Henderson, and Sasha Compere were among the supporting actors who gave strong performances.

“Single Drunk Female” Sharp Writing

The writing was sharp, witty, and genuine, with the show’s creators successfully balancing the series’ comedic and dramatic aspects. With grace and sensitivity, the series addressed sensitive topics such as addiction and mental health.

Addiction and Mental Health: A Sensitive Approach

The portrayal of addiction and its impact on one’s personal and professional life in Single Drunk Female received critical acclaim.

The creators of the show approached sensitive topics with grace and sensitivity, depicting the realities of addiction without glamorising it.

Single Drunk Female Season1 Ending

Outstanding Production Design

The production design, music, and cinematography of the show were all excellent, with each element complementing the story and characters. Samantha’s journey was effectively captured in the series’ mood and tone, resulting in a visually stunning and engaging show.


Single Drunk Female Season 1 was a smashing success, receiving 8.2/10 on IMDb and 92% on Rotten Tomatoes. It is a must-see for anyone seeking a compelling and nuanced examination of addiction and its consequences in one’s life.

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