December 1, 2021


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Social Democrats, Liberals and Greens announced the initial agreement to form the government

“We really succeeded in acknowledging a document”, Social Democrat Olaf Scholes, the future president, was greeted during a statement to reporters.

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A decisive step towards building a new alliance across the Rhine. The three political forces announced on Friday, October 15, that they had reached an initial agreement to form a government with the Social Democrats (SPD), environmental activists and the Liberal Democrats (FDP) who won the federal election in Germany.

“We were able to agree on a document“During a press conference with the leaders of the Environmental and Liberal Democrats, the potential future president congratulated Social Democrat Olaf Scholes.

On September 26, the SPD was slightly ahead of German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s political family, Armin Lachet’s Christian Democrats (CDU-CSU), with 25.7% of the vote against the Conservatives’ 24.1%. Green, led by candidate Annalena Barbach, were It came in third with 14.8% of the vote, ahead of the FDP’s Liberal Democrats with 11.5%.

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