Stranger Things Season 4: When It Will Be Returned? Latest News in 2022!

Season 4 of Stranger Things is planned to premiere on May 27, 2022. The show’s fourth season is broken into two volumes. Five weeks later, on July 1, 2022, the second book will be issued.

Since the Battle of Starcourt, which frightened and decimated Hawkins, six months had passed. Furthermore, negotiating the difficulties of high school has not made coping with the consequences any simpler.

At this most vulnerable moment, a new and completely horrifying supernatural threat emerges, providing a gruesome puzzle that, if answered, may put a stop to the horrific happenings of the Upside Down.

It is time to get answers. However, here’s the twist: You will be able to see more than ever before. What are we discussing? We shall proceed with that.

Release Date for Stranger Things Season 4 Episodes

We are aware of the season’s release date. The fourth season of Stranger Things will also be accessible on the streaming service Netflix. However, there is a catch.

Everyone is curious about the episode’s release date. Because, let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to see the episodes first? No spoilers on social media, of course.

This season will consist of nine total episodes. The season’s first seven episodes will be accessible at 12 a.m. PT, 3 a.m. ET, 7 a.m. GMT, 8 a.m. CEST, and 12:30 p.m. IST.

The two episodes of the second volume will be accessible on July 1, 2022, at 12 a.m. PT, 3 a.m. ET, and 7 a.m. GMT.

Length of Stranger Things Season 4 Episodes

As previously mentioned, we have something exciting. This season will be lengthy in terms of episode length, as opposed to the number of episodes.

You will be happy to learn that one of the episodes will be around two and a half hours in length. In that case, let’s examine the duration of each episode.

Chapter One of Episode One: The Hellfire Club
Time – 1 hour, 16 minutes

Chapter 2 of Episode 2: Vecna’s Curse
Time – 1 hour, 15 minutes

Chapter Three of Episode Three: The Monster and the Superhero
Time: 1 hour and three minutes

Chapter Four of Episode Four: Dear Billy
Time – 1 hour, 17 minutes

Chapter Five of Episode Five: The Nina Project
One hour and fourteen minutes

Stranger Things Season 4

Episode 6 – Chapter Six – The Dive Duration: 1 hour and 13 minutes

Seventh Chapter: The Massacre at Hawkins Laboratory
1 hour and 38 minutes

Volume Two

1 hour and 25 minutes for Episode 8, Chapter 8: Papa Time.

Chapter Nine of Episode Nine is entitled The Piggyback.
Duration: 2 hours and 30 minutes

These nine episodes amount to about 13 hours of adventure in the Upside Down. Are you curious about something else? The final two episodes of Volume 2 total roughly four hours. It appears that we will receive an adequate amount of the forecasted season.


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The Show’s Scope Is Wide.

Steve Harrington told a reporter the length of the episode.

He stated, “Personally, I believe there is just one story. I believe that is how we all interpret it. Because the show’s scope is so expansive, I believe it makes natural that this season is divided into two parts.”

In addition, Joseph Quinn mentioned something more.

“The magnitude of the whole thing is enormous. Conceptually, I’m looking forward to the public’s viewing. That’s just so much larger and darker, and I don’t believe people will be expecting it.”

How do you feel about the duration of the episodes? Please feel free to offer your thoughts in the section below. Are you anticipating the forthcoming season? You undoubtedly are. We will inform you of any new developments.

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