October 28, 2021


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Switzerland often says yes to marriage for all and reproduction for all

The Suicide Said yes this Sunday
Marriage for all, According to the first trends released immediately after the polls closed on Sunday. Yes it reaches 64%. Estimates released by the election agency gfs.bern seem to confirm without surprise that all the pre-election polls predicted that it would always give a clear majority to supporters to open the marriage.
Homosexual couples. The plan suggests a “yes” score higher than expected.

By rejecting the initiative taken by the opponents of a project initiated by the federal government, the alpine country is associating itself with the majority in Western European countries. As the voting date approached, non-campers resumed its colors, but the majority remained in the minority. The last survey conducted by gfs.bern from September 1 to 9 was 55% yes and 27% no. Its previous poll from August 2 to August 16 showed a large gap of 55-20%.

Registration of homosexuals in some zones until 1990

The poll shows that some religious groups and members of the Central Democratic Union (UDC) are the main adversaries, but there is no shortage of supporters within these groups. Switzerland criminalized homosexuality in 1942, but various municipal or cantonal police forces – in some cases until the early 1990s – recorded a list of homosexuals.

Same-sex couples can already enter into a civil contract, but the new text provides that same-sex couples can collectively adopt a child. Female couples may seek sperm donation, which is one of the most controversial points. Opponents focused their campaign – which was marked by shock posters – in this case, downplaying child trafficking and ruling that “marriage for all kills the father”.

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Try another discarded line

On their posters, the crying baby, with an ear mark usually reserved for cattle, asked the question: “Were the babies placed to order?” In another, a large zombie head representing a dead father is watching passersby. An elementary school in Wallis decided to cover it up because it scared the kids.

On the other hand, according to gfs.bern estimates, voters rejected the second proposal submitted this Sunday and were initiated by the Socialist Party’s youth initiative, “No work, you yes! It was quickly called the Robin Hood Initiative. 1.5 times more taxable.

For example, 100,000 francs a year is exempt from this tax, but the additional tax revenue can be used to reduce low- and middle-income taxes or to fund social benefits such as child subsidies. Health insurance, or training, emphasizes the base of proponents of this proposal. Polls have already given the failed initiative.