Taliban Mohammad Hassan Akund has been appointed head of the new government

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17 hours 27 : The Taliban called on protesters to warn officials of any meeting the day before the planned event. According to PFMTV’s special envoy in Kabul, they are now banning the media from filming the processions.

17 hours 22 : “The government is not complete.”

This spokesman for the new regime confirms that his movement has committed itself to executive power “Includes”, Will try “Take people from other parts of the country”.

(Bilal Cooler / Anatole Agency / AFP)

17 hours 19 : Aamir Khan Mutaki, Taliban negotiator with Americans in Doha, has been appointed head of the Foreign Ministry.

17 hours 15 : A bit provocative: The Taliban have vowed not to disrespect the rights of women. They were allowed to continue their studies at the university (which they had previously banned), if they had been Separated from men Also they wear black abaya and face covering niqab.

17 hours 11 : A bit provocative: As you can see, it is not possible for women to come to government. As a reminder, in a country where the Taliban are, above all, geographically and ethnically very fragmented, they are determined to form a transitional government that is open to groups other than their own.

17 hours 09 : Women in government? Well, I’m going out

17 hours : Like Abdul Gani BharatWe know that he co-founded the Taliban with Mullah Omar. The military leader of the movement was imprisoned in Pakistan from 2010 to 2018, before he was appointed head of the Taliban political bureau. He was the one who negotiated with the Americans, which led to the withdrawal of foreign troops from Qatar and Afghanistan..


16 hours 57 : A quick tour of the archives, where you can see a photo of the new leader of the Taliban government, Mohammad Hassan Akund (Right)In 1999, he was appointed Foreign Minister of Afghanistan by the Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif.

(Saeed Khan / AFP)

16 hours 52 : The Taliban is beginning to take the form of an administrator, with Mohammad Hassan Akund as leader and Abdul Gani Bharat as second. The first was a former governor and minister, and the second was one of the co-founders of the movement. Journalist Wasim Nasser analyzes the first recommendations.

17 hours 11 : The Taliban are releasing the names of the first members of their future government led by Mullah Mohammad Hassan Akund.

16 hours 24 : The names of the first members of the Afghan government should be announced by tonight, an official of the Taliban Cultural Commission said. Afghanistan has been without an administrator for three weeks.

16 hours 13 : Jean-Yves Le Trian announces she will be going to Qatar for work soon “The expulsion of our compatriots and Afghanistan who want to leaveFrom Afghanistan. According to him, Qatar was “Appointed” The Taliban should take control of Kabul airport.

16 hours 10 : Where is France in its relationship with the Taliban? “We only have words, those words are useless now”, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Jean-Yves Le Trian, regrets in the National Assembly.

15 hours 14 : “We touched but we did not die. We are still alive.”

Commander Masood’s brother claims to be from the Taliban “Panzeer did not pick up” Absolutely, contrary to what they say. “Don’t think they took the punch because they went on the road.”, He advances “Thousands of fighters [rebelles] Anyone in the valley can come back at any time. “.

12 hours 03 : This is noon, noon Important information here:

In Kabul, journalists were arrested by the Taliban during protests against the Panjir repression and Pakistani intervention. The Taliban fired into the air outside the Pakistani embassy in the capital to disperse the crowd, but rallies are still going on.

France will pay national tribute to Les Invalitis on Thursday “Popular” To Jean-Paul Belmonto, Died yesterday in Paris at the age of 88.

The world champion French team hopes to be revived after five consecutive tracks with a welcome tonight. Finland is part of the qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup.

12 p.m. Among the protesters, several women marched in Kabul. “Afghan women want their country to be free. (…) We are tired”One of the protesters told the AFP. Why is the international community silent on the killing of so many people?

12 hours 01 Earlier, journalists were arrested by the Taliban during a protest against the repression in Pakistan and the Pakistani intervention in Kabul, a journalist who worked for a French television site said. The Taliban fired shots into the air in front of the Pakistani embassy.

09 hours 30 The Taliban fired into the air to disperse a protest outside the Pakistani embassy in Kabul., To condemn Islamabad’s intervention in Afghan affairs. Pakistan is close to the Taliban regime, which has been in power since mid-August.

07 hours 27 : Here is the first point of this Tuesday’s news:

“Pebble” is dead. Jean-Paul Belmonto was one of the last sacred monsters of French cinema Died at the age of 88 in Paris. Then 50 years of career, 2001 saw the actor end his life with a stroke. Minister of Culture Roslyn Bachelot confirmed on RTL that France would pay homage to him. “It’s too soon” To know in any form, but “The President will adjust the definitions”, She explained.

Thanks to the drop in the event rate in the country, Shopping centers over 20,000 m2 do not require a health pass Since Wednesday, the government has announced that all but nine departments are still in the red.

The Taliban claim control of the whole of Afghanistan. Claiming to have fallen into the Panjir Valley. The leader of the local opposition, the son of General Masood, called on every Afghan “Rise for Dignity, Freedom and Prosperity” From the country.

The epidemic situation in Guadeloupe is improving. “Hospitalization peaks following imprisonment”, The medical director of CHU’s crisis, Bruno George, announced, but warned of it “The virus is still there”.