The 900-year-old crusade sword was discovered by a diver in Israel

The sword, discovered Saturday, has a one-meter-long blade and a 30-centimeter hilt, completely covered with corals and tiles.

The Archaeological Survey of Israel (AIA) says in a statement that the sword, found in the sea by a diver near the Israeli coast, is 900 years old and may have belonged to a heroic crusader.

Shlomi Gutsin, an Israeli diver, covered a one-meter-long sword with a 30-centimeter hillock at Caesarea Beach (northwest) on Saturday, October 16, completely covered with corals and shells. “In perfect condition”According to the AIA.

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This sword “A rare and wonderful invention, according to all sources, belongs to a knight Crusade”AIA official Nir Distelfeld said in a statement. “Nine hundred years back, it’s fascinating to see an object carrying us with knights, shields and swords to another era.”, He added.

The object was discovered in an area where sand was constantly moving underwater currents, which led to the discovery, said Kobe Sharwit, AIA’s underwater archaeologist.

AIA Director Eli Escosido said the national treasures were handed over to the department and the sword would be displayed to the public after it had been cleaned and analyzed.

AIA researcher Nir Distelfeld holds the discovered sword.

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