The Bear Season 1: What Happened at the End of the Bear?

When The Bear debuted on Hulu, it attracted viewers. Fans of the show watched as Carmy (Jeremy Allen White), a chef who worked for a fine dining establishment, returned to Chicago to take over ownership of his family’s sandwich store after his brother Michael committed suicide throughout the eight episodes.

But here we are, at the end of Season 1, and already anticipating the start of Season 2. Boy, was it a wild and exciting ride from start to finish that has many calling The Bear one of the best things TV has to offer?

There is always a lot that goes into the season finale of any TV program, so if you’re curious as to why Michael put so much money in those tomato cans or what might come next for everyone at The Original Beef, read on for an explanation of The Bear’s Season 1 ending and what to expect from Season 2.

What Happens When Bear Season 1 Ends?

From that action-packed first episode to everything that followed, The Bear was a terrifying rollercoaster from start to finish. Episode 7 was where the drama and intensity reached a boiling point, but the finale, “Braciole,” was where everything finally came together like the ideal dish at your favorite restaurant.

Overall, Episode 7 was a terrible episode with that one-shot approach that demonstrated just how heated things can become in the kitchen and made the viewer feel the heat. Jeremy Allen White discussed how he portrayed Carmy in that episode and how he wanted to make this particular scene Carmy’s breaking point in an interview with Uproxx:

During the last episode, we see the fallout from Episode 7, with both Sydney and Marcus walking out after Carmy’s tantrum in the kitchen, as a result of the massive flood of orders into the Original Beef when Sydney left on the pre-order option for their to-go service.

Carmy attends an Al-Anon meeting, where he discloses that the reason he got into the food business in the first place was that his brother would never let him cook at the shop. Now, it was as if he was attempting to prove him wrong, and while his cooking improved, his mental state deteriorated, and Carmy realises that his trying to fix the restaurant was simply him trying to mend his damaged connection with his brother. He returns after this, and he appears to have a new attitude.

The Bear Season 1: What Happened at the End of the Bear?

They arrange a bachelor party that goes wrong after Richie strikes someone extremely aggressively, but the guy survives, and it’s after this that Carmy (after picking Richie up from the police) and Richie ultimately stop arguing and reach an agreement because Carmy is “all he has,” as Richie says.

Marcus returns to work following a heart-to-heart with Sydney about their same culinary interests, while Sydney is more uncertain. Carmy apologizes to Marcus after snapping at him in Episode 7, and Sydney appears near the end of the episode.

That doesn’t mean that everything between Carmy and Sydney is perfect. In an interview with Collider, White revealed that their relationship is still strained and that it will most likely be a major plot point in Season 2:

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A Present From the Other Side

Richie ends up giving Carmy a letter from Michael (Jon Bernthal), which contains his final words to his brother. In it, Carmy receives not just a little note from his late brother, but also the recipe for his family’s spaghetti, claiming that the cans of small tomato sauce taste better.

Carmy, preparing to make the tomato sauce recipe, opens a can of little tomato sauce and discovers a wad of cash inside. He quickly realizes that the small cans of tomato sauce all contain wads of cash, so he closes the business and spends the rest of the day sifting through each of the tomato cans.

And each one has a bundle of cash. It’s a blessing from above – one last present from Michael in the shape of Uncle Jimmy’s $300,000 loan, which meant that despite their troubled relationship, Michael was telling the truth about wanting to franchise and operate a restaurant with Carmy.

In an interview with IndieWire, the show’s creator, Christopher Storer, discussed this scene and how all that money ended up in those cans in the first place:

Talk about leaving money behind in a wise way. Whatever the case, it gave Carmy the motivation he required to start seriously reconstructing The Original Beef, which we’ll discuss last.

The Bear Season 1: What Happened at the End of the Bear?

The Final Days of the Original Beef

The Original Beef in The Bear is shutting, as was made clear by the sign Carmy posted up, and will be replaced by a new restaurant with the appropriately named name “The Bear.” Prospects are brightened by the fact that they now have the resources to start this place over completely and produce something amazing.

There are still problems, though. How the earth is Carmy going to pay off Michael’s loan for the restaurant while simultaneously starting “The Bear” when Uncle Jimmy is still very much holding Carmy to it? Don’t even bring up taxes, the IRS, or licensing for vending machines.

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However, it appears like the show’s creator has already thought of it, as Storer stated in the IndieWire interview, noting that the upcoming season will also explore Carmy’s post-finding-all-this-money emotional state:

I thought The Bear was a great addition to Hulu’s catalog of original programming, and I’m eager to see what they come up with for Season 2. If it’s okay with you, I’ll go make a copy of the lovely chocolate cake Marcus prepared. I’m already famished.

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