October 23, 2021


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The beginning of the controversy regarding the warning system

Victims have complained that they do not have all the information.

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Could the number of floods in Belgium be lower? Criticized by disaster victims for lack of anticipation, the Wallonia (southern) region has promised transparency about deficiencies in the flood warning system. In a press release sent to AFP on Friday 23 July, Walloon Climate Minister Philip Henry believes “Complete Clarity” Due to the population, its management must provide explanations.

Victims have complained that they do not actually have all the information, especially when its valves were opened in a saturated dam, without all residents being evacuated unhindered.

Extreme levels of flood danger were announced in at least 36 places on July 14 and 15, mainly in the valleys of eastern Wallonia, Belgium’s French-speaking region. According to a recent report released Friday from the National Crisis Center, 11 people are still missing.

However, managers of the European Warning System warned of the danger from July 10 to 14 “More than 25 announcements for competent national officers” Countries crossed by the Rhine and the Muse. Their predictions are for July 9th and 10th“The Muse Basin, which affects Belgium, is at high risk of flooding.” On July 16, the day after the tragedy, they mentioned it on their site.

To whom did these announcements reach? Are they well spread? Did the Belgian authorities act late? In the affected municipalities, Philip Henry explains what was heard a week ago “Proper Questions”, He wants to give an answer to that.

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