The British government has called for a renegotiation of the Northern Irish code of conduct

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson signed the Northern Irish Agreement on December 30, 2020 in London.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson wanted to mark the day before the British Parliament’s Fight – and Belgian National Day – Wednesday, July 21 in Brussels Re-negotiation of the most important Northern Irish protocol as a whole.

The final provocation before the summer break, the political gesture towards a loyal community in the Gulf or the real concern to promote a speech that is considered inadequate? “We will not accept a re-negotiation of the protocol”, Maros Sefkovic, vice-president of the European Commission, responded, not wanting to immediately assume a superiority.

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Northern Irish protocol is an important part of the UK-EU (EU) divorce agreement. It came into force in early 2021, managing the dual status of Northern Ireland, the province is still part of the UK, but still the domestic market for EU goods. The aim is to avoid returning a land border with the Republic of Ireland without affecting the Good Friday Agreement, which ended the “unrest” in 1998.

The protocol was reviewed by the Johnson government at the end of 2019, at which time it was pleased to succeed in reaching this agreement with the European Union. But since the beginning of this year, London has been reluctant to implement the necessary customs restrictions on goods shipped from Great Britain to Northern Ireland.

Weak connection between London and Belfast

Brussels offered concessions in the face of British pressure, I agree at the end of June to extend the implementation of customs restrictions on processed meat by the end of June And minced. This is not enough for Boris Johnson, he says in a statement released Wednesday“It is now clear that we cannot use these rules [douanières] In a sustainable way, at least not in the flexible way that the EU wants. ” The Prime Minister has threatened to implement Article 16 of the Code and allow its unilateral suspension if Brussels does not agree to rewrite the text.

Speaking in the House of Commons, Lord Frost, the minister in charge of Europe, refused to go “From the Age of Grace to the Age of Grace” And a claim was made Pause In the application of the protocol to allow time for re-negotiation. London demands that tariffs be imposed only on products going to the Republic of Ireland via Northern Ireland. The European Court of Justice denies that the administration of the protocol has yet to say.

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