The call of the British MP creates debate

British MP Stella Grease, who came to parliament with her three-month-old baby, was summoned. Faced with criticism, the company on Wednesday promised to review the rules imposed on elected officials to become parents. Judgment “Very important“Young parents can fully participate in parliamentary work,” said Lindsay Hoyle, speaker of the House of Commons.The rules have to be looked at in context“And they”Change over timeHe announced that a commission would look into the matter.The council may decideMP Alex Davis-Jones, after capturing an event that left him with other mothers, “Very worried.

The reason? The call for the order came the day before her colleague Stella Grease, who had come with her baby Pip, who was sleeping soundly to take part in the discussions. The Labor opposition MP posted a photo of an official email on Twitter saying the rules of the House of Commons say an MP cannot come.With a child. ⁇I can not come with a well-behaved three-month-old baby when I speak in church.She tweeted. “It appears that in all parliaments the mother should not be seen or heard.

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Maternity “Condemned

The way in which delegates and other female politicians adjust to their work and the lives of young parents has been under study for some time in many countries. In 2018, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinta Artern brought her baby Neve to the UN General Assembly in New York and became a symbol of working mothers. Since then, a Danish MP. He was asked to leave his half-bicycle with his five-month-old daughter. “We do not want you to be in Parliament with your child», The head of the room, Pia Gjarskart, had told him. In the UK, taking your child to the House of Commons is officially prohibited. Last year, however, Lindsay Hoyle allowed MP Alex Davis-Jones to come with her baby.

Stella Grease, who has long campaigned for mothers to be better involved in politics, had already come with her son or her daughter before. At the end of September she appeared in the House of Commons with her newborn baby and demanded that he support the mothers. “CondemnedWhen they returned to Parliament. Stella Grease speaks on Times Radio microphone “Happiness“Promised changes:”It is not rocket science to understand why mothers in our political class aside, parents of young children are not so much..

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Rule “Ridiculous

Labor MP gets a lot of support: Green MP Carolyn Lucas condemns a rule “Ridiculous“Children in Parliament are naughtily underlined as being normal”Much less disturbing than many screaming representatives“. There are, however.”Different viewsTo the question, the leader pointed them out. “Parents who receive a portion of what you earn pay for childcare and cheat on the responsibilities they have to go to work. What makes you so special?Conservative Scott Benton asked on Twitter.

However, for Stella Greece, the question arises as to why British MPs do not benefit from actual maternity leave because they – unlike ministers from February – have no right to change anyone on their six-month leave. “If I stop working (my constituency) people will be left without any representation, She told the Guardian, a “The three-month-old baby is so small, it can not be left alone“The government says it is generally in favor of modern and flexible workplaces, as it should be in the 21st century, according to a spokesman for Boris Johnson, who declined to say whether the prime minister planned to take his son, Wilfred, born in April 2020.”

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