The couple, who escaped from the ‘Govind Hotel’ in the Netherlands, were arrested on the plane

The Dutch gendermay announced on Sunday that the couple, who had “escaped” from a hotel that had been isolated by passengers favorable to Covit-19 from South Africa, had been arrested on a flight at Amsterdam-Schiphol airport.

“The Dutch Royal Constable arrested a couple fleeing an isolated hotel in Shipol this evening.”, Announced AFP spokesman Stan Verberg.

“The arrests took place on a departure flight. They were on a flight bound for Spain.”, He added.

The couple, a 30-year-old Spaniard and a 28-year-old Portuguese woman, were handed over to health officials, Gendermary said.

The incident comes after Dutch officials announced that 13 of the 61 people who tested positive for Covit-19 when two planes landed at the airport on Friday were contaminated by the new Omigron variant.

Cases for “Threat to public safety” Launched Sunday evening.

Stephanie von Wardenberg, a spokeswoman for the Dutch Health Commission, said the couple were again in solitary confinement but not in the same hotel. One is positive, the other is negative but subject to isolation.

A few hours ago, Health Minister Hugo de Jonge promised that Dutch authorities would enforce passenger isolation.

All the passengers affected by the Govt are staying in almost the same hotel. A few are allowed to self-isolate at home. Negative passengers were also ordered home isolation.

“We’ll check if they respect these rules.”, M. De Jonke told reporters.

A spokesman for the mayor said police and security guards were standing guard around the secluded hotel.