October 25, 2021


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The Cumbre Vieja eruption created visible gravitational waves from space

The Old Summit Erupted on September 19th. Dense sheets To do It was then blown over the southwestern part of La Palma Island. But in early October, the eruption took another turn. Although she did not deport Stratosphere Large amount of ash and Gas, Satellites captured, this Monday, October 4, 2021, an interesting column of explosions rising into the sky. A column composed of ash and superheat gas.

At an altitude of about 5.3 km, the column collided with a layerWind Dry and hot. A layer, which acts as a layer, prevents Gray plum Climb still higher. It was really flat and spread out horizontally.

Flow and Reflux NatureVolcanic eruption These created concentrated gravitational waves as they reached the surfaceTemperature reversal. It is like a rock falling into a lake and creating ripples Surface of water.

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