The desired soldier lay dead

The body of Jர்கrgen Kங்nings was found in a tree in Tilson-Stockholm on Sunday, June 20.

Body Jஜrgen Konings, Belgian soldier The 46-year-old was found by a cyclist on Sunday, June 20, in a tree in the town of Tilson-Stockholm, Limburg. In a statement from the federal prosecutor’s office, the corporal, a sympathizer of terrorism and a lover of terrorism, said the shooter had committed suicide, which must be proven by an autopsy.

Running the NCO since May 17, he left his barrage with four anti-tank rocket missiles, a machine gun, a revolver, grenades and 2,000 ammunition. After his disappearance, the Federal Attorney’s Office, which is responsible for the fight against terrorism, raised the alert level to 4.

Declares itself “In battle”, Jurgen Konings Promised in the letters He refuses to let himself be caught alive, but wants to score “The regime, politicians and virologists who continue to disrupt my freedom”. This is dr Mark von Ronst, a journalist and close adviser to the Minister of Health, was particularly targeted. The expert and his family, under close surveillance, had to leave their home, near which Mr. Connings was found before disappearing. Mr. Van Ronst is one of the privileged targets of far-right officials during epidemics and control operations. Additional security measures have been put in place around politicians and mosques.

Jurgen Konings, identified by the Military Intelligence Service, has been identified by the Central Office for Threat Analysis (OCAM) as a list of about 30 soldiers considered terrorists. “Dangerous Serious Rights”, The only soldier out of about fifty registered with this service comes under the Ministries of Justice and Home Affairs.

Access to the arsenal

A large hunt was organized to find the unappointed officer. Hundreds of police, soldiers and special forces have joined the vast expanse of the Hot Campaign Nature Park in the province of Limburg. An operation that turned out to be in vain. Thus, Jன்rgen Kனிnings was believed to have sought refuge with far-right members who showed their support. Facebook groups rallied 50,000 people and organized demonstrations by dozens of supporters.

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