The EU is considering the “incident” that Washington closed

Joseph Borel during a meeting with US Secretary of State Anthony Blingen in Washington on October 14, 2021.

L ‘“Incident” Closed: High Representative of the Union for Foreign Policy, Joseph Borel, Displayed Friday, October 15, in Washington, DC, its willingness to turn the page on the Franco-American crisis in the Agus file welcoming enhanced Atlantic cooperation that has cooled relations between the United States and Brussels.

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“We are not going to be a masochist and we are not going to re-emphasize our problems. We have to go beyond them and look to the future.”, He told reporters the day after he met with his US envoy Anthony Blingen. “There was an incident, there were some misunderstandings, there was a lack of communication, all of this has already been said.”, He noted. “That’s good. It’s over. Let’s move on. We’ll start working more closely.”, He added.

“Building a More Balanced Partnership”

In September, Joseph Borel revealed “Unity” The European Union on France in the unprecedented crisis against the United States. In question, US President Joe Biden’s announcement of a new alliance in the Indo – Pacific region with Australia and the United Kingdom, which came to cancel a major submarine deal between Paris and Canberra. French officials condemned “Blow back” And a “betrayal”.

President Biden and his French envoy, Emmanuel Macron, have finally reached an agreement in an effort to restore trust. “It is clear that the desire to build a cooperative and more balanced partnership is the cornerstone of this new partnership for both camps.”Joseph Borel assessed Friday.

He praised the upcoming launchA conversation On security and security between the United States and the European Union, but the decision was announced on Thursday with Anthony Blingen, to be held at the end of the year “Top Consultations on the Indo-Pacific”. The forum is set to intensify the ongoing talks between the EU and Washington, and its approach to China, with its continuation scheduled for December.

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