December 1, 2021


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The European Court of Justice has imposed a fine of one million euros a day on Poland

New chapter in the controversy between Brussels and Warsaw over the independence of the judiciary. On Wednesday, October 27, Poland condemned The European Court of Justice (CJEU) has fined the European Commission one million euros a day. According to the European Union, Warsaw has not put an end to the activities of the Supreme Court’s disciplinary chamber, which severely threatens the independence of the judiciary in Poland. According to Warsaw, these reforms Implemented in 2017, It is necessary to eradicate corruption in the justice system.

July 15, The CJEU ordered Poland to immediately suspend operations in this room. This decision was not respected and the European administration called on the CJEU to impose sanctions “EU judicial systems must be independent and fair”. “It is necessary to comply with the EU law and order and the temporary measures ordered on July 14 to avoid serious and irreparable damage to the values ​​established by this EU, especially the values ​​of the State.”, Luxembourg-based CJEU announced, In a press release.

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Increased tension

Mateusz Morawiecki, head of the Polish nationalist conservative government, has promised to abolish the regulatory chamber, which was already announced by Warsaw in August, but continues to operate.

The lack of independence of the Polish judiciary and the primacy of European law over national law was one of the dominant topics at the Twenty-seventh European Summit last weekend. Tensions actually increased From October 7th. On that day, the Polish Constitutional Court declared that certain articles of European treaties were inconsistent with the national constitution. A decision condemned by Brussels as an unprecedented attack on the primacy of European law and the jurisdiction of the CJEU.

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