October 25, 2021


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The federal investigation into Phoenix Police used excessive force

This is the third federal investigation “Models and Procedures” Police in a large American city started by Justice Minister Merrick Garland. On Thursday, August 5, he announced that he would begin an investigation with the Phoenix Municipal Police, accusing him of using excessive force against the most vulnerable.

Investigations are on the rise in the wake of a wave of anger over police violence and racism that rocked the country last year. In April, a similar investigation was opened at Louisville (Middle East) police station, where officers shot and killed a young black woman. Brenna Taylor, At his residence, and at the Minneapolis (northern) police station, white policeman Derek Chavez was sentenced to 22 and a half years in prison for the murder of African-American George Floyd.

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“This investigation will examine all the forces used” By the Phoenix Police, the Department of Justice said in a statement. It needs to determine whether police officers in the Arizona capital are abusing their powers properly and whether they are violating the rights of minorities. It will focus on police treatment of homeless people and those suffering from drug or mental disorders.

The mirror of social problems

According to local media reports, the Phoenix Police Department has been using the force more frequently than other cities of similar size in recent years, and the African American population has borne its brunt. If the existence of illegal practices is proven, legal action may be taken to force the city to carry out major police reforms.

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“These surveys are designed to promote transparency and ensure accountability.”Mr Carland said the Phoenix police chief and the mayor agreed. But the justice minister stressed that the police alone were not responsible. “Our community increases the burden of policing by approaching law enforcement agencies to address a wide range of social issues.”, Warned that the number of homeless is likely to increase in the coming months after the end of the ban on unpaid rent evictions.

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He noted that when a homeless person suffers from a mental illness, the police are the first to call. “The risks to everyone involved are enormous.”. The question of the homeless “Criminal justice cannot solve”.

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