The imprisonment was lifted and the curfew order returned at 9pm on weekdays, but not at w

On Thursday, September 2, Reunion’s prefect announced that the prison term would be abolished and that the curfew would be reduced to 9 pm on weekdays. On the other hand, partial imprisonment is maintained on weekends, and the curfew is at 7 p.m. Details here.

The President of the Reunion will meet this Thursday, September 2, a “Gradual relaxation of measures to prevent Govt-19 infection”.

Imprisonment was lifted during the week, but not on weekends

Jack Billand has decided to raise the jail term for the week from Monday to Friday. You can go beyond the 10 km radius of your home unconditionally during the week. On the other hand, the prison is maintained on Saturdays and Sundays and the travel radius is limited to 10 km.

Curfew at 9pm on weekdays, but 7pm on weekends

The Constitution declares that the curfew order will be waived from Monday to Friday until 9pm so that companies welcoming the public can resume their operation subject to health action. On the other hand, curfews are observed on Saturdays and Sundays at 7 p.m.

“Weekend Festive Meetings Suitable for Viral Cycle and Clusters”, Promises politics. For this reason, it takes separate measurements between the week and the weekend. These measures will be taken for the next two weeks, until September 20, with effect from next Monday. However, the Chancellor warns that he could change these measures at any time.

“This expansion does not mean the end of control measures, because as the situation improves, the virus is still circulating and we must continue our efforts.”, Warns Jack Billand.

Improving indicators

Last week, on July 31, the Chancellor decided to renew measures to prevent the epidemic. “We were able to cross the milestone of returning to school, community and economy”, Explains the politics of thinking that “The last six days have made it possible to coordinate the progress of indicators”. In two weeks, the incidence rate on Reunion Island dropped from 420 to less than 200 per 100,000 population. The positive rate is less than 4%.

From pressure to hospital voltage

“For now, we have ruled out the risk of an outbreak of the disease, although hospital pressure remains high,” he said. Jack Billand adds. Every day, new patients are admitted to Reunion Island hospitals. In recent days, an average of 35 critically ill patients and 60 people have been admitted to the Govt. This hospital status is at the end of June, viz “High Plateau”.

In view “Dangerous nature of delta variation and proportion of endangered population on Reunion Island”, Says Martin Ladouset, general director of ARS “Residents of Reunion are still shown to be more susceptible to severe forms of the disease and to death.” In the crowd, “The number of people admitted for intensive care is 50% higher than in the metropolitan area”.

Many more deaths

According to officials, Reunion is still condemning “More Deaths Every Week”. “There are an average of fifteen deaths per week, which is higher than in June”, Refers to Martin Ladousette.

Reunion’s politician believes the island has reached one “Infectious Stabilization” It is necessary now “To go on the net fall of the epidemic, the vaccine for this must continue to change.” The politician recalled being without “As the immune system throughout the island is adequate, we must continue to take action to control our daily activities.”

Vaccine protection is not yet adequate

According to the director general of the regional health agency, Martin Ladouset, vaccination coverage in Reunion is struggling to exceed 60%. “340,000 people over the age of 12 have not received a second dose or dose. She insists. This is very close to what it was before the West Indies horror.

The Director General of the Regional Health Organization confirms the presence “If you do not get vaccinated you will be admitted to the hospital for nine to twelve times more intensive treatment”. She recognizes it 80 to 90% of the vaccinated target will not be reached by mid-November, and now sets a new target by mid-December.

Martin also announced that nine vaccination centers on Laducet Island could be accessed without a meeting this weekend. In addition, the Tenth Center in the south of the department will soon open.

When asked about the “need” for a third injection of the Pfizer vaccine, the Director General of ARS replied that this third dose will be available from September. She mentions that it is Reminder is strongly recommended for people over 65 or those with dangerous pathology. A gap of at least six months is required from the second dose of the Pfizer vaccine, or at least four weeks after the Johnson single dose.

A disciplined start to the school year

Three weeks after the start of the school year in Reunion, the rector of the academy, Chandel Manas-Bonisso believes “The situation is under control”. To date, 81 classes in the first class have been closed. In the second degree, 102 middle school students and 67 high school students tested positive and isolated in their home. All six employees are positive and isolated to Govt-19.

In schools, saliva testing and self-testing campaigns continue. In middle and high schools, vaccination campaigns also continue. Temporary vaccination centers have been opened in three high schools on the island.

From September, the department’s two new schools in the east and west will welcome these interim vaccination centers. Although 23% of 12-17 year olds have a complete vaccination schedule in Reunion, the rectum considers it to be very low. The purpose is to make it easier for students to be vaccinated.

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