The last French survivor of the T-Day landings, decorated by Emmanuel Macron, was Leon Cautier

The head of state recalled the June 18 petition in Mont-Valerian, before the monument, which was opened by General de Cole in 1960. Emmanuel Macron honors Hubert Germain, the last comrade of liberation, and finally Leon Cautier. 177 Frenchmen of Kiefer Commando.

This place is very symbolic: it is in Mont-Valerian that many anti-militants and hostages were killed during the occupation. Emmanuel Macron presides over a military ceremony marking the 81st anniversary of the June 18, 1940 appeal.

“Whatever happens, the flame of French opposition must not be extinguished
General de Cole started the BBC from London. Emmanuel Macron calls two people, who express this opposition in his eyes.

Hubert Germain, now 101, joined London in late June 1940. He is the last of the comrades of liberation today. After his death, he will retire to Mont-Valerian.

Emmanuel Macron will also decorate the last French Lyon Cautier to survive the Normandy landings. Corbett’s former Quartermaster, who arrived in England in July 1940, landed at Colville-Montgomery on June 6, 1944 with the famous Kiefer Commando of 177 French Marines.

In the early 1990s, he came to live in Oistreham, where ten of his comrades fell at d-day dawn. Since then, he has never missed a memorial service, as if to make up for lost time. “This recognition came too late for everyone involved in independent France,” he observes.

On January 1, Leon was elevated to the rank of Grand Officer of the Cathedral Legion of Honor. Emmanuel Macron will officially decorate him during the ceremony on June 18. At the age of 99, Leon has found the strength to attend the June 6 memorial service in Calvados and wants to honor the meeting with the President. “I’ll be there”.