The long-awaited first meeting between Russian and Ukrainian diplomatic leaders

After the Ukrainian operator Ukrenerko announced that electricity had been distributed, the Chernobyl power plant actually gave off some cold sweat. “Absolutely” The site was cut off due to Russian military operations. “A provocation” The Ukrainians blamed Moscow.

Emergency diesel generators took over “Can ensure the core functionality of the site for a maximum of 48 hours”The Regulatory Commission said. “After that, the stored fuel cooling systems will be shut down”Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba warned.

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has promised no reduction “No major impact on security”.

AFP explained to Karine Herviou that the reactor damaged during the 1986 nuclear disaster was not a problem, the French Institute for Radiation Safety and Nuclear Safety (IRSN). Because “Melted heart does not need a cooling system”.

About other fuel assemblies stored in the pond, they “Relatively cool”Even if no power is restored after 48 hours “As far as we know about installations there is no risk of radiation emissions”Ms. Hervey confirmed.

power cut “Causing more problems” Of the four power plants operating in the country, “It is absolutely necessary to ensure the cooling of the current fuel”The head of the IRSN believes. “There’s too much heat to be expelled” Than Chernobyl.

The Foreign Ministers of Russia and Ukraine, who are meeting in Turkey today, will hold talks with the Director General of the IAEA. “Progress on the Security and Emergency Issues” Ukrainian nuclear power plants, according to a tweet from Rafael Crozi.

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