October 23, 2021


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The New York governor has called for his resignation following allegations of sexual harassment

Joe Biden has called on New York State Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo to step down. “I think he should resign”, The U.S. president said Tuesday (August 3). The appeal comes after an independent judicial report was released this morning alleging the 63-year-old governor had been sexually harassed, which he immediately denied.

“The governor has sexually harassed many current and former New York state employees, among others, for making unwelcome and unwelcome touches, and for publishing a number of offensive comments that suggest and create a hostile work environment for women.”, Write two authors, former federal lawyer Joan Kim and lawyer Anne Clark who specialize in discrimination issues in the workplace.

The latter adds to it “The culture of the governor’s office – a culture of fear and intimidation, while normalizing the governor’s frequent flirtations and sexual views – contributed to the conditions of sexual harassment and longevity.”.

Eleven women and 179 witnesses

The grievances of the eleven women were confirmed by 179 witnesses in a 168-page report. Mr Cuomo had been listening for a long time in mid-July. Most of the facts are already known from this winter. Her first culprit was former economic adviser Lindsay Boyle: according to her, the governor kissed her on the mouth without asking and suggested she play with him. “Piece Poker” When traveling by air.

At the press conference where the report was issued, New York attorney Lydia James noted that these acts were carried out. “Violation of federal and state laws”. However, she denied that she was being prosecuted – “Our work is done” –, Believing that other bodies can function. In the state capital, Albany, a local lawyer opened a criminal investigation, which was considered complicated.

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On the political side, Carl Heisty, chairman of the New York State House of Representatives, wants to complete the indictment quickly. Two Democratic state senators, Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand, have previously called for Mr Cuomo to resign this winter. The actions of Cuomo “Deeply disturbing, inappropriate and completely unacceptable”. The senators told them “Continue to believe the governor should resign”.

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