The paralyzed man was violently dragged to the ground by police and a complaint was lodged

A 39-year-old American man has filed a complaint against two police officers Very brutal arrest In Dayton, Ohio (
United States) Facts The report says that happened on September 30th Huff Post.

The father, who is suspected to be a sign of drug traffickers, came out of a house seen by police. The 30-year-old was in his car at the time Police men She turned off the engine and asked him to get out of the vehicle. “I can not go out,” Clifford Owensby replied. “I do not know
Stroke. ⁇

“Dragged Like Trash”

In the arrested video, we hear a policeman insisting: “I assure you you will go out, it’s not an option”. Authorities eventually forcibly pulled the man out Vehicle, Pulling it by hand and hair. “They dragged me out like garbage, like garbage, like a dog,” the victim told a news conference.

After the arrest, police found a bag containing $ 22,450 in the man’s vehicle. This is, according to Clifford Owensby, personal storage. The person blames the police profileArrested Illegal search and illegal seizure. The investigation is ongoing. According to the lawyer for the Thirty, the latter will be presented for civil trial.

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