The rebels continue to advance and call for the “enemy” to be driven out of Tigris

A young woman who was injured in an Ethiopian military bombing in the village of Tokoga in Tigray is coming to Miguel Hospital on June 23, 2021.

Troops of disgruntled officers in Tigray called for the evacuation on Tuesday (June 29), the day after the capture of the regional capital, Mikhail. “Enemies” In this region of the northEthiopia Almost eight months in the war. The rebels continued to advance despite the announcement Monday evening “Unilateral Ceasefire” The main turning point in the conflict was caused by the Ethiopian government after the loss of the main city of Tigris.

On Tuesday, the United States welcomed the announcement of the war with caution: “This could be a positive step if ground changes continue to end conflicts and atrocities and allow free humanitarian assistance.”State Department spokesman Nate Price argued in a statement “Immediate, Unlimited and Negotiated Ceasefire”.

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Prime Minister Abi Ahmed, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in 2019, has been in control of the Michel Federal Army since November 28, 2020, three weeks after launching an offensive to oust officials from the People’s Liberation Front to Tigre (DPLF). Despite this declared victory, the fighting between the pro-DPLF forces, which call themselves the Tigre Defense Forces (DDF), and the Ethiopian Federal Army has never ceased, from Amhara’s neighboring regional authorities, and from Eritrea’s troops inside the country. .

Telecommunication cut

In a statement issued overnight from Monday to Tuesday, the former regional government made the call “Our people and our army must intensify their struggle until our enemies leave Tigre completely.”. Telecommunications in Tigray are reduced, making it difficult to verify information about troop movements. But according to a security assessment note consulted by a UN official and AFP, the DDF specifically entered the city of Shire, northwest of Michel.

As on the previous day in Michel, the arrival of the DDF was celebrated by the people of Shire, Ethiopian and Eritrean troops, and by local administrators founded by Addis Ababa. “People took to the streets. Large crowds gather on the main roads.”, UN. Can you read the security note?

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The International Crisis Group (ICG) think tank believes that DDF controls “Most regions now, including major cities”. Rebel forces spokesman Kedachev Rada went so far as to threaten “Walk” In the capitals of Eritrea and Ethiopia. “We will do anything to protect Tigray. If we need to march on Asmara to protect Tigre, we will. If you want to march in Addis Ababa to defend Tigre, we will come. Nothing is excluded ”, He told the AFP, calling for a ceasefire “Joke”.

In ten days, pro-DPLF rebels have dramatically changed the balance of power on the ground. Although they had not controlled any major city for months, their leaders said there were clusters in remote rural areas. They launched their offensive on April 18, three days before the much-anticipated national elections across much of Ethiopia. DDF confirmed their progress “Mainly thanks to the massive mass support and capture of enemy weapons and equipment.”, Says William Davison, an ICG researcher.


The conflict in Tigray has been marked by a number of abuses against civilians (massacres, rapes, displacements, etc.) that have provoked the wrath of the international community. Amhara forces have been accused of annexing certain areas, where one “Genocide” According to US Secretary of State Anthony Blingen. In a statement, Mr. The Amhara branch of the Abyssinian party said it was opposed to any attempt to retake those territories.

The humanitarian situation is catastrophic. According to the UN, at least 350,000 people are in famine in the disputed Tigris government in Ethiopia – and the World Health Organization (WHO) on Tuesday reiterated its concern over the risk of epidemics. The ceasefire announced by Addis Ababa was welcomed on Tuesday by China, France and the United Arab Emirates and the African Union (AU). “Humanitarian Ceasefire”. UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said he would be back on Monday “Good Hope to End Hostility Effectively”.

The United States, Ireland and the United Kingdom have called for an emergency General Assembly meeting of the UN Security Council, which could take place on Friday. The West has never been able to hold a public session on the crisis in Tigris, Africa, China, Russia and other members of the Security Council, which see the crisis as an internal Ethiopian affair.

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