October 23, 2021


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The school has not had masks in some areas since the beginning of October

1:22 pm: “Whatever the price” results

At the end of the Committee of Ministers, Bruno Le Myre spoke After the filing of the 2022 budget. The Finance Minister has confirmed the outcome of the “whatever the price” device set up to mobilize significant financial resources to deal with the Govt-19 crisis.

“Whatever the price, we have come to an end. We will not let the costs slip,” he assured, while making a number of criticisms of the government’s spending.

13h13: Health pass maintained

Health pass is in force in all departments. On Sunday, Gabriel Attle mentioned establishing a local health pass. The issue was due to be discussed in the Security Council on Wednesday. But “at this point, there is no decision to modify the health pass, it will continue to apply under the same conditions,” he said, stressing its effectiveness: “Sanitary passes have been confirmed as the most effective tool for keeping ‘open. Where it would otherwise be closed.”

1:07 pm: End of school masks in some areas

Gabriel Atoll announced the end of the mask in some schools: “From Monday, October 4, the requirement to wear a mask will be eliminated in areas where the rate is below 50 per 100,000 population,” he said. After the Security Council.

1:05 pm: “Clear improvement in health continues in France”

At the conclusion of the Health Care Council, a government spokesman noted that “the health situation continues to improve. In a week, the number of daily cases diagnosed has dropped by 30% to 11% of the number of hospitalized patients.” To illustrate it, Gabriel Atal highlighted the vaccine campaign, saying, “This is a French victory.”

However, he added that “caution is needed in foreign countries where the situation is worrisome”.

Day 12:01: The United States wants to redouble its efforts in the international struggle

Senior officials said Wednesday that the United States will try to mobilize the international community around its ambitious goal of doubling its vaccine donations and reaching 70% of the world’s vaccinated population within a year. U.S. administration officials.

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Washington will purchase and distribute an additional 500 million doses of Pfizer / Bioentech vaccine to developing countries. This doubles the number the United States has promised to be more than $ 1.1 billion.

The announcement was made Wednesday by US President Joe Biden during a virtual summit he will organize in the fight against the epidemic.

11:45 a.m .: New demonstrations in Melbourne

On Wednesday afternoon, hundreds of people in construction uniforms again demonstrated at the Melbourne (Australia) center against the duty of the anti-Govt vaccine for construction workers.

Melbourne riot police, like the previous day, threw rubber bullets to disperse them after warning that further protests would not be “tolerated”.

10:43 a.m .: Record of Govt deaths in New Caledonia

New Caledonia recorded 16 deaths in 24 hours, the highest number since the outbreak in early September in this French region in the Pacific. Gilbert Duenen, one of the local government’s spokesmen, warned that the South Pacific archipelago was “going through a crisis unprecedented in its entire history.”

A total of 49 people have died from Govt-19 since the discovery of indigenous cases since September 6th. Sixteen people died on Tuesday, doubling the number of victims from the previous day.

9:35 am: After Govt, unprecedented fall in health spending in the 2022 budget

Relieved of covetous pressure, the Social Security Budget for 2022 will cut the health insurance spending target slightly (first), for the first time since its creation in 1997, the High Council for Public Finance said on Wednesday (HCFP).

After a 9.4% increase in 2020 and a 7.4% increase in 2021, next year it is expected to fall by 0.6% (approximately 234 billion euros, author’s note) that the provision of 5 billion euros for tests and vaccines could be “underestimated”.

8:15 a.m .: Global meeting of gastronomy in turmoil after crisis

Carrying food, the look of “ghost kitchens”, the digital explosion … Sirha, the best global gathering of catering professionals, opens its portfolio in Lyon this Thursday, turning the future of a sector upside down. Due to health crisis. This crisis is one of the major trends that has emerged in recent years: environmental responsibility or dematerialization: when all goes well, we will not ask ourselves any questions, but when we are against the wall, we will have to change, emphasizes the show’s director Mary-Odell Fondier.

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A sign of the times, this year’s “Take It” test replaces the traditional “plate” test with the famous Bogus d’Or competition, the World Cup for chefs.

7:58 a.m .: “Fall of epidemic in the fall”, Arnold Fontaine fears

Arnaud Fontanet, a professor at the Institute Pastor and a member of the Science Council, warns: “Pollution and hospitalization are declining almost everywhere in Europe. […] So we expect the epidemic to start again in the fall, ”he said. In an interview with Le Parisian.

“We’re not out in the woods,” he warns, especially if new varieties appear.

7:48 a.m .: Viruses near SARS-CoV-2 found in bats

This may be a “major breakthrough” in the search for the origin of the Covid-19: researchers at the Institute Pastor have identified viruses such as SARS-CoV-2 in bats in northern Laos. The results of this work, Published on the “Research Square” science site, Not yet reviewed for publication in the journal Science.

“The initial idea was to try to identify the origin of this infection,” explains Mark Eloid, head of the Laboratory of Pathogen Discovery at the Institute Pastor in Paris. “For a number of reasons accumulated, it is suspected that some insectivorous bats may be stagnant in the virus.”

7:07 a.m .: Plan the plan at the Mulhouse Hospital team

The hospital team in the Malhouse and southern Alsace region unveiled the white plan on Tuesday. The reason? Staff shortage. Since the enactment of the vaccination obligation for caregivers, 500 to 600 agents (approximately 10% of employees) have not complied with the rules, According to L’Alces. “If there are less than one or two of the already tight services, this will cause serious difficulties, ”the unions warned before implementing the vaccine obligation.

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6:39 am: Brazilian minister of the UN delegation

After Brazilian Health Minister Marcelo Guerrero attended the UN General Assembly in New York on Tuesday, the “positive test for Covit-19” was unveiled by President Jair Bolsanaro. This is the second positive case for Bolzano since he came to the US. Vaccine, Marcelo Guerrero, 55, “is fine.”

6:08 a.m .: Amnesty accuses labs of neglecting poor countries

The NGO Amnesty International on Wednesday accused drug groups producing vaccines of fueling an “unprecedented human rights crisis” and demanded that two billion doses be given to poor countries.
In a report entitled “Double Dose of Inequality: The Pharmaceutical Companies and the Covit-19 Vaccine Crisis,” the NGO says most people do not prioritize poor countries. More info in our article.

5:47 a.m .: In Sorrento-Maritime, the decision to wear a mandatory mask outside

The vulnerability rate of the Covit-19 has dropped below the warning limit to 38.3 cases per 100,000 people in Sorrento-Maritime, eliminating the obligation to wear a mask in space this Wednesday.

However, in public transportation, “health pass is not required in establishments (shops and shopping centers, closed markets, reception of administrative services, religious offices …)”, as well as “in companies and events subject to a health pass if the operator or organizer makes it mandatory”.

5:46 a.m .: Summit on Govt this Wednesday at Pitton’s initiative

US President Joe Biden is hosting a virtual summit on Wednesday, March 19, on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly. Joe Biden has projected the United States as a world leader in the fight against the vaccine, which is being questioned by some health volunteers. However, this country is the largest supplier of vaccines.