‘the Sea Beast’ Ending Explained: Does Red Survive in Sea Beast?

Chris Williams explores a passionate, feel-good genre with a dash of danger in his film “The Sea Beast.” The narrative wonderfully illustrated the adage “don’t judge a book by its cover,” as the heroes, Maisie and Jacob, rethink their traditions and decline to follow the cruel ones. The Netflix Original movie premiered on July 8, 2022. It is a good family movie with a lot deeper undertone than that.

What is the Story of the Animated Movie “the Sea Beast”?

The story opens with a child floating in the sea on a handmade raft. The ship he was on has been smashed to smithereens by the waves. He then floats around for a bit before being accepted on Captain Crow’s ship, The Inevitable. Jacob, the young man, is now regarded as a hero and is destined to become the next captain. Crow, Jacob, and their crew set sail to battle the sea animals blamed for the massacre.

The captain and crew battle and defeat these sea beasts, only taking their horns as trophies. Their brave acts are documented in books and are widely discussed. Maisie, a small girl, was an admirer of the famed captain and crew. She shared their books with the other kids in the orphanage where she was staying. She then went to meet the captain when the ship was docked.

She boarded the ship and joined them in their pursuit of the crimson sea beast known as Bluster. She and Jacob, however, become separated from the rest of their team and form a bond with the creature. Maisie calls the beast “Red,” and Red assists Jacob and Maisie in reaching the neighboring island so that they can rejoin the group. Captain Crow and his crew, on the other hand, kidnap Red as a form of retaliation. They set sail towards the kingdom to show off Red, but Maisie intervenes and sets them free. Maisie then departs with Jacob to live her life happily outside rather than in the orphanage.

Why Are Humans at Battle With Marine Monsters?

In The Aquatic Beast, terrifying sea animals wander the surface, making navigation through the water hazardous. Since the alleged “Dark Ages,” when the animals allegedly started raiding human communities, this has been the situation for hundreds of years. On behalf of the King and Queen, monster hunters now patrol the seas, taking out monsters to keep the waters safer.

How Did Jacob Come to an Agreement With the King and Queen?

The Red Bluster is a monster that Captain Crow, the most renowned monster hunter in the land, has been pursuing for 30 years. But when he and his crew—which includes his adoptive son Jacob Holland—meet the Bluster out at sea, it eludes them.
The monarchs are upset and announce that Captain Crow’s days of monster hunting are finished. The control will pass to the Royal Navy.

‘the Sea Beast’ Ending Explained: Does Red Survive in Sea Beast?

Jacob makes a deal to keep the crew alive. They keep looking for the Crown if they manage to capture The Red Bluster. The King and Queen can destroy their ship, The Inevitable if the Royal Navy is successful.

Maisie Brumble: Who is She?

Young Maisie Brumble is an orphan, but she doesn’t want to spend the remainder of her childhood there. The young girl, who is the daughter of monster hunters who has passed away, aspires to live a heroic life and meet a heroic end.

This prompts her to stow away on Captain Crow’s ship, much to Jacob’s dismay.

What Happens When Captain Crow Pursues Red Bluster Once More?

The Inevitable sets sail once more, this time with Maisie aboard. The next time they see The Red Bluster, they can capture it, but the beast nearly sinks the ship. Maisie saves them by severing the sea monster’s chains, but she and Jacob drown as a result.

And Captain Crow is displeased. He yells at Jacob to bring the girl to him; her deeds will have consequences. Observing this unfold, the Bluster rises and swallows Maisie and Jacob. It then retreats, leaving behind a stunned crew.

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Ultimately, the sea creature transports them to an island. Jacob attempts to kill it, despite Maisie’s objections. She believes that she attempted to protect them from Crow. Then, she calls her “Red.”

Jacob considers Maisie unreasonable. The monster hunters kill sea creatures because they were the first to do it. They are heroes because they fought them.

Maisie replies, “You may be a hero and still be wrong.”

Red Supports Maisie and Jacob?

Maisie and Jacob attempt to escape on their boat that Red swallowed up with them on the island, where Maisie picks up a new tiny monster buddy that she calls “Blue.” However, their preparations are complicated when a different beast appears and engages them in combat.

‘the Sea Beast’ Ending Explained: Does Red Survive in Sea Beast?

To their amazement, Red ends up being the hero (though Jacob claims he had a larger part in their success). Maisie attempts to bargain with Red about taking them home, feeling more convinced than ever that Red isn’t as terrifying as people claim. Red accepts and begins to take them back after swimming up under their boat.

Why is Captain Crow Noticing Gwen Batterie?

Crow is now determined to exact revenge on Jacob and eliminate The Red Bluster, even if it means breaking the monster hunter code. In defiance of Sarah Sharpe, his first mate, he sets a course for Gwen Batterie.

Old Gwen Batterbie is the subject of several superstitious stories. She is questioned by Captain Crow on how to slay The Red Bluster. She hands him “The Hand of God,” a unique weapon. But she issues him a warning. He’ll get what he wants, but it will cost him dearly.

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Red is Captured by Captain Crow?

Just then, Red notices The Royal Navy embarking on a search. Jacob and Maisie try to persuade her not to attack, but she charges anyway, injuring Maisie in the process.

When Red notices Maisie is in pain, she begins to retreat. Captain Crow then appears and shoots Red with the poisoned Hand of God. He captures the beast, reunites with Jacob, and boards his ship with both his son and Maisie.

What Information Does Maisie Learn About the Monarchy?

Jacob apologizes to Maisie for not being able to assist Red and informs her that he will have to return her to the orphanage.

Maisie senses something as they arrive at the castle to deliver Red to the King and Queen. In all of The Inevitable’s publications, the monarchy emblem is the same. She suddenly understands that the Crown has been rewriting history to favor them for years.

‘the Sea Beast’ Ending Explained: Does Red Survive in Sea Beast?

Are Maisie and Jacob Able to Help Red?

As the ship approaches the port of the castle, Maisie makes a covert attempt to liberate Red. In front of the King and Queen, Crow pretends to stab Red, but Jacob intervenes and stops him. He claims that Crow might be mistaken regarding monsters.
Crow accuses Jacob of abandoning his people, and the two men engage in combat atop Red. Sarah Sharpe assists Maisie in freeing Red in the meantime.

No more monster hunting, Jacob declares as he smashes his spear. Red also refrains from fighting Captain Crow as the two agree to a truce.

Maisie informs everyone that the monarchs made up the myth of the conflict between humans and beasts. The blood of people like Maisie’s parents has paid for their kingdom. The populace supports her and demands Red’s release.

What Happens at the End of ‘the Sea Beast’?

Maisie narrates the film’s conclusion. She claims that after lives were rescued at the castle, the world began to alter.

“Red is secure. And everything I need is right here.” She and Jacob and Blue are sitting on a dock. “I’m going to have a fantastic life.”

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