The second phase of the consolidation of control in Martinique

An epidemic that is spreading even faster

The Govt-19 epidemic in Martinique continues to grow this week, according to figures released today (Monday, August 9) by ARS Director General Jerome Vigier. The regional health agency actually counts 4,171 new cases from August 2 to 9, 2021 3880 The case last week.

The set of indicators is also increasing. The positive rate is 20% compared to 17.5% last week. The incidence rate was 1,162 cases per 100,000 population. One figure is even higher compared to last week (1082 per 100,000).

The ARS emphasizes that since the start of the vaccination campaign in Martinique, 59,131 people have a complete immunization schedule (1st and 2nd levels), or 18.24% of the population over 12 years of age.

31 new deaths in a week and 59 in the intensive care unit

CHUM, for its part, continues to be greatly affected by the impact of this fourth wave. The company has recalled all medical and non-medical staff.

Thirty-one new deaths a week are to be regretted, bringing the total number of deaths associated with Covit-19 to 178 since the outbreak began.

Today (Monday, August 9), 59 people were in intensive care (up from 35 last week). In all, 331 patients have been admitted to the hospital today due to covit, up from 216 last week.

Not everyone who is dead and in intensive care is vaccinated. Of the 331 patients admitted to the hospital, 4 were vaccinated, which included an incomplete immunization schedule.

The average age of those admitted to the hospital is 57 years, so there is a real rejuvenation of people in the acute form.

Every day, the equivalent of an entire hospital department must be hospitalized. The real acceleration of support.

Imprisonment and severe

Faced with this situation, he will be sentenced to a second term in prison on Tuesday, August 10 at 7 p.m.

Everyone is invited to stay home. To facilitate home maintenance, so-called non-essential businesses will be closed except for urgent and necessary purchases.

Companies and administrations are also encouraged to telecommunicate. Activities essential to daily life may be disrupted.

As for tourism, all fragile people on the island are invited to leave the area for the holidays. Hotels and vacation rentals will be closed, except for the shelter of fortified caregivers. Entertainment and cultural venues will also be closed.

Going to the beaches is forbidden.

Except for safety purposes, boat movements are no longer possible.

Travel around the house will be reduced to one kilometer. Beyond this radius, a certificate is mandatory to go shopping, to the doctor, or to a place of worship.

If a politician points to a review clause in two weeks, he says:

These rules are strict and will be removed as soon as the health situation permits.