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The Silent Sea Season 2 Release Date: What’s New in the Latest Season?


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Netflix has released a unique concept-based series The Silent Sea which has been incredibly portrayed on the screen. With the success of the first series, fans are eagerly waiting for the upcoming episodes. Director Choi Hang-yong created the series of eight episodes in a season.

The Silent Sea is a Sci-fi mystery that seeks to store water on the moon to quench the thirst of the Earth. A group of desperate people enters a dangerous situation as a last resort their search begins with the painful identification of their world economic inequality. The Silence Sea marks a successful year for Korean drama on Netflix.

Since its release, the show has been praised by critics and audiences for its cast performance and unique story. As the previous season left us on a cliffhanger everyone is looking for when the second season released and what will happen in the second season. 

What Will Be the Storylines of The Silent Sea 2?

As of now, The Silent Sea Season 2 is not released, which means there is no information available for the next season. But, it is assumed that in season 2 there could be a war between the countries over Luna, RX tries to keep herself safe because Dr. Song helped her.

Luna will probably have a happier life and she will meet the daughter of Captain Hans sometime and tell her about her father’s bravery. 

However, you can read the story of the last episodes which will continue further in the upcoming episodes.

Early in the series Dr. Song is placed with a team led by Captain Han played by Gong Woo and they’re tasked with traveling to the Lunar Balhae station in order to retrieve a sample.

Upon crash landing on the moon, they make the perilous journey across the surface to the station and early on realize that something is amiss when they find a man who appears to have died from drowning. To make matters worse, they slowly start to go deeper into the station.

It’s clear that something is staking them and we get a lot of callbacks to movies like Alien as they try to get to the bottom of what’s going on.

The Silent Sea Season 2

Now we discover in the series that the sample they’re after is called Lunar Water, a highly volatile substance based on H20 that grows like a virus and spreads liquid all over an environment upon being released.

However, this is extremely dangerous to humans and if someone is infected with the water. They will slowly drown from the inside out as it spreads within their body.

The series illustrates this beautifully and shows people basically plunging into a vast body of water as it completely envelopes their blood cells and lungs. Lunar Water very much becomes the MacGuffin in the series as there are several ways it could be used.

Potentially humanity could allow it to bring water to the planet but the series is far more cynical than that and that’s not just because cynical has a silent “C” in it.

It is said throughout the series that Lunar Water could potentially be turned into a weapon but beyond that, it could also end up tipping the balance of inequality even further.

If someone were to own Lunar Water then they could very much sell and distribute it amongst the people how they see fit and gain complete control of the planet.   

Even within the group, we learn that there are different factions that all have their own agenda and missions that they’ve been sent to the moon for and we slowly start to get more and more answers as the show unravels.

Now due to the volatility of the water, it’s going to be impossible for people to consume unless there’s a way to do so. This is where the second subplot comes in and we find that the station was actually the home of human experimentations headed up by Dr. Song’s sister.

Throughout the season we learn that she worked for the national ministry of Defense and carried out various experiments on children in order to see if there was a way to evolve humans to the point that they could survive coming into contact with Lunar Water.

Lots of Clone kids were killed except for one, the mysterious Luna 073. Capable of moving at advanced speeds, possessing super strength, and also blinking like that Alien from the Men in Black, Lunar has made a home for herself at the station and will do anything she can to keep a hold of Lunar Water.

We find that Luna is actually immune to the effects of Lunar Water and that she possesses antibodies that can be passed onto others in order to provide them with immunity too. Song’s sister leaves her with a message saying to find Luna and she very much becomes paramount to the mission.

The Silent Sea Season 2

Initially, the group was sent up to the moon by Director Cho who believed that all of the specimens would be dead and even if the secrets were unearthed that Song would keep things quiet.

She very much had faith that Song would think about the situation logically and realize that what the Ministry of Defense carried out was horrendous as it was necessary for the rest of humanity’s survival.

Exposing the secret wouldn’t actually gain anything and not only would it bring the atrocities her sister committed into the light but it would also cause uproar over the Lunar Water.

As the series progresses we see that Cho had the entire facility locked down by the military and that all were either killed by them or left there to die. Since the strike, Luna has hidden out there and she has very much become as important to humanity’s future as the lunar water is.

Now from the beginning, Song is very protective over Luna, and though Han is very much focused on the mission, he learns more about her. He starts to see similarities with the daughter that he left back home.

But he knows that returning Luna to Earth will mean that she’s once more gonna be subjected to science experiments carried out by the ministry.

Thus they decide to take her to the International Institute Of Space Biology instead which will open up Lunar Water to the world instead of just restricting the advancements to one country. Beyond this though is the corporation RX we learn that two people aboard the team are working.

This is Lee Gisu who dies early on and Lieutenant Ryu who has been tasked with taking the Lunar Water so that they can sell it off to the highest bidder.

In the final few episodes, we learn that Ryu was actually a member of the outfit that was sent up to shut down Balhae Station which led to the deaths of hundreds of people including Song’s sister. Feeling guilt over this he started working for RX in order to sabotage this new mission.

The Silent Sea Season 2

The season culminates with Lunar Water ripping through the station as the survivors attempt to make their escape. Several are slowly picked off one by one leaving just Luna, Dr. Song, Dr. Hong, and Captain Han.

As they make it to the airlock Han realizes that it’s gonna need to be operated from inside the station and he returns to the operation passageway in order to depressurize it so that they can escape.

Immediately after pressing the button, the Lunar Water floods the base seemingly killing Han though we learn that he did make it out of this.

Luna is nowhere to be found and Song and Hong run out of the base as the water slowly breaks into the airlock too. Upon coming into contact with the moon’s atmosphere it instantly freezes creating somewhat of an explosion that’s such a cool effect. 

It sends Song and Hong Hurtling forward and though the pair survive, they’re initially without Luna. However, amongst the rocks they find her standing on the surface of the Moon minus a space suit showing that she doesn’t need it in order to survive the harsh landscape.

It’s unclear whether Dr. Song will have this immunity either but we do think that she will gain it over time. Now what this could mean for the future of humanity is that if they harness Luna’s immunity that they won’t be so reliant on Earth.

Though not really touched upon in the season, Luna actually provides a way for us to travel to other planets.

We could actually see it so that we are able to survive on Earth after spreading Lunar Water but beyond that we’ll also be able to terraform other planets and live there, dismantling more of the inequality and divides that the water shortages cost.

They do something very subtle with Luna and whilst she pretty much always appeared in the season with blood on her face. Here we see she is removed as she somewhat escapes life when staring at the Earth.

This shows her future will be brighter. Luna gives him the badge that his daughter added a sticker to and this very much calls back to earlier in the season when she said she would fly and rescue him if he pressed back to earlier in the season when she said that she would fly.

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Which Cast Will See in The Silent Sea Season 2?

It is most expected that we’ll not see Dr.Hans in Season 2 as he died last season while saving Luna. The performance of Dr. Hans was really appreciated and he will be missed in the second season.

Apart from Doctor Song, fans could see Gong Yoo. Dr. Song was saved by Luna from the toxic element. Now, we’ll see the rest of the cast same as in The Silent Sea season 1.

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