The Summer I Turned Pretty Season 1 Ending is Explained: Why Did Belly and Conrad Break Up?

Our first defining opinion about the show came after a few episodes: “The Summer I Turned Pretty” should have had a better title. It was completely unrelated to the plot, and even if it had been, it would not have been the most upsetting event to occur during the seven episodes. The lovely tale “The Summer I Turned Pretty” follows the development of a shy adolescent named Belly throughout a summer spent with her friends and family.

A nice story with a sweet theme. Though we don’t think it needs to be a series, we wouldn’t expect anything less from Jenny Han. Perhaps we are mistaken, but it would have done better as a motion picture. In any case, let’s wait and see what happens to Belly this summer when she turns 16 and begins to experience the world through adult eyes.

How Did Lauren and Susannah’s Friendship Survive Their Difficult Period?

But although Belly and her story take up most of “The Summer I Turned Pretty’s” seven episodes, Lauren and Susannah give us that rare sight of enduring female friendship that every woman craves and needs in her life. They have been friends all time, and they spend the summers at Susannah’s house with their kids. They are joined briefly by their husbands, but aside from that, it is just them and the kids. Although Lauren is aware that Susannah has more money than her, it doesn’t have a big impact on their friendship.

Both of them have supported one another through the more challenging times of life, and Susannah in particular is dealing with a lot. She wants a divorce from her spouse since he cheated on her. Since the spring, Lauren has been aware that she has cancer, but she has chosen to keep it a secret so that Susannah can spend one last fun summer with the kids.

This is the reason she doesn’t get involved when Belly needs help getting ready for a debutante ball and why she allows them each to make their own decisions about what to wear. Susannah is as enthusiastic about Lauren’s book signing as Lauren is, and she goes above and beyond to make it a success. She has cancer and has decided to forego chemotherapy. Although Lauren is patient, she does snap once when her closest friend insists they should not think about end-of-life care. However, they quickly make up for it.

The Summer I Turned Pretty Season 1 Ending is Explained: Why Did Belly and Conrad Break Up?

What Occurs With Belly and Cam?

Not much at all. Belly chooses to go out with Cam instead of moping around all summer about Conrad, which is admirable of her. She appears to be enjoying herself while they are out on dates, but she is still in love with Conrad. He even agrees when she asks him to accompany her to the debutante ball. He cares deeply for her. Belly’s companion Taylor says she is relieved that Conrad has been able to divert Belly’s attention. But it’s not accurate. Belly flirts with Conrad and gets very intoxicated at the Fourth of July celebrations. She subtly confronts him about the necklace she discovered among his belongings and informs him that she has deduced that he purchased it in honor of her birthday.

Conrad acknowledges it and claims he tried to give it to her but was unable to. They are about to kiss when Jeremiah’s fireworks explode, interrupting their flirtation. This interaction leads Belly to believe that Conrad harbors affection for her and that she will be granted her summertime wish of kissing him. When Cam takes her out on a date because he wants to advance their relationship, she dumps him because she believes that.

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Their narrative comes to an end at that point. In the show, Cam’s role seemed to be to give Belly the self-assurance and life experience she needed to express her emotions. Even so, we don’t regret the split since why stay with someone you don’t care about? However, in our opinion, a lovely, considerate, and kind boy is always preferable to someone like Conrad.

How Does Belly Feel About Jeremiah and Conrad?

As for the viewer, it is very obvious that Conrad shares Belly’s sentiments for him, albeit not expressing them. From the time he flirts with her on her first night in their house until the time he interrupts her date with Cam, it appears that Belly is also aware of this. Nevertheless, despite her longing, she does not wait for him to return. She enjoys her summer and lives her life.

But after he informs her that he cannot be her date to the debutante ball, and despite their almost-kiss, Belly decides to move on for good. She goes swimming with Jeremiah, and the two end up kissing. This is an epiphany for Belly. Since the beginning, Jeremiah has flirted with her in a playful and friendly manner, which has fooled even the audience. This kiss, though, is a turning point. Since Belly no longer holds Conrad in high regard, her perception of Jeremiah has changed.

The Summer I Turned Pretty Season 1 Ending is Explained: Why Did Belly and Conrad Break Up?

Conrad asks Belly to the ball the following day when she is still perplexed, but she declines, saying she wants to think about it. Later on that day, Belly and Jeremiah share another kiss, and she makes up her mind. Therefore, when Conrad presents her with the necklace he had purchased for her, she refuses it and tells him that he is too late and that she will be attending the dance with Jeremiah instead.

Season 1 of ‘The Summer I Turned Pretty: Explanation of the Finale – Who at the Ball Dances With Belly?

The belly is anticipating her turn to dance at the ball. For her, this is a fairytale come true. However, Jeremiah learns of Susannah’s cancer just as she is ready to have her big moment. Conrad fills in for him after he is unable to attend Belly due to the distressing news. When he arrives, he dances with her. Belly’s summer wish has, therefore, in a very bittersweet sort of manner, come true.

Despite everything, she is having a blast waltzing with Conrad while he is holding her in his arms. Conrad finds out that he already knew this when Jeremiah shows up at the party a time later and informs him about their mother’s cancer diagnosis. For keeping it a secret, he hits him. Back at home, the brothers ask their mother to change her mind about not getting treatment, and she nods while sobbing.

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In the concluding scene of Season 1 of “The Summer, I Turned Pretty,” we see Belly and Conrad talking by the beach. Conrad expresses regret for being a jerk all summer. As he approaches Belly for a kiss, she stops him and informs him that she doesn’t want to be someone he needs, but rather someone he desires. Conrad says that he has long desired to be with her, and they share a kiss on the beach as the sun rises on the horizon.

Conclusion: What Distinguishes “The Summer I Turned Pretty” From Other Series?

It was Belly’s freedom for us. Even though she likes Conrad a lot, she doesn’t hesitate to go her way even after learning about his emotions. Additionally, it was her relationship with the other characters, but Lauren and Susannah’s bond was what stood out for us. We have low expectations for Conrad. Throughout the entire show, all he did was mope and play with Belly.

The Summer I Turned Pretty Season 1 Ending is Explained: Why Did Belly and Conrad Break Up?

He wasn’t even all that charming, in truth. The heroine’s anxiety isn’t warranted unless the hero is incredibly charming. If not, it is a complete waste of feelings. It was a good show. Belly’s remark about wanting instead than needing to be made us shudder. That has over-represented itself in the romance genre and is becoming increasingly offensive. But since it is an outlier in a generally good presentation, we will overlook it.

The second season of “The Summer I Turned Pretty” is unquestionably coming. To observe how the love triangle develops would be interesting. We wish to learn more about Conrad than just the man Belly lusted after. As much as we want her to select Jeremiah, we suffer from severe second lead syndrome since we know it won’t happen.

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However, aside from that, the mush was flawless, the sweetness was exactly right, and the emotional pull was strong enough to leave us craving more. We anticipate learning more about their journey in the upcoming second season.

Jenny Han is the author of the 2022 Drama Romance television series “The Summer I Turned Pretty.”

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