October 25, 2021


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The U.S. police reform plan failed, a setback for Biden

On Wednesday, September 22, US senators concluded talks on a police reform program that began after the death of African-American George Floyd, which could be dangerous for the text and mark a difficult setback for Joe Biden. Despite months of debate, “We do not agree on a strategyDemocrat Senator Corey Booker told reporters that his talks with Republicans were over.

The Democrat leader, who was elected with the support of black voters and made the reform one of his priorities, blamed Republicans for the failure of the talks. “Unfortunately, Republican senators rejected ordinary reforms that even the former president (Donald Trump, note) supported, while the police refused to act on key issues that were ready to be discussed.“, He commented in a press release.

Deep disappointment

The Republicans sent the ball back to him. “After several months of progress, I was very disappointed that the Democrats wasted this opportunity to keep our surroundings safe and improve the relationship between law enforcement and communities of color.Senator Tim Scott said. Beyond these passes, there was bitterness among supporters of the reforms.

Senate leaders express our deep disappointment at the inability to find a reasonable solution to federal police reform.Attorney Ben Crump, a representative of the Floyd family and many others victims of police violence. “After an unprecedented year (…), the police unions and pro-politicians have chosen to stand on the wrong side of history“, Judgment, Bitter, NAACP Derrick Johnson, President of the Civil Rights Organization.

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The murder of George Floyd, who was strangled by a white police officer in Minneapolis on May 25, 2020, sparked a massive mobilization across the United States against racism and police violence. In response, the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives approved a black forty-named police reform program in March, particularly attacking the broader judicial immunity enjoyed by agents.

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The text also addresses the issue of banning strangulation, restricting the transfer of military equipment to the police, and creating a national register of police officers who have been fired for abuse. But the Democrats had to persuade a dozen elected Republicans to overcome the Senate ban. Republicans handed over the task of negotiating a speech delivered by Tim Scott, the only elected black representative in the Senate, as they did not appear to be the graves of a reform eagerly awaited by the African-American minority.

On several occasions, President Joe Biden has invited elected officials to show up. “Courage“Reach. Despite their failures, he believed.”Sign a one-day police ambitious and comprehensive reform honoring the name and memory of George Floyd“Waiting.”The White House will continue its consultationsAnd think of what his government can do by decree.