The UK is delaying the introduction of EU tariff restrictions

The British government announced on Tuesday, September 14, that it would postpone the introduction of full tariff restrictions on imports from the European Union. “Practical” The UK is already facing supply problems.

“We want businesses to focus on post-epidemic recovery rather than dealing with new demands at the border, which is why we have established a new practical timetable for the introduction of full border controls.”Brexit Minister David Frost said in a statement. “Companies now have more time to prepare for these restrictions, which will be phased in throughout 2022.”, He added.

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Postponed to Rule 1There is January

The corona virus epidemic has caused distribution problems in the UK, especially felt in the agri-food sector, where new rules for importing animal products were to be introduced from next month.

To give companies more time to comply, these rules will be pushed to 1There is January. The government has also decided that the announcements and tariffs will be introduced on the 1stThere is As of January 2022, as expected, safety and security notices such as phytosanitary certificates are not required before 1There is July 2022.

In the UK, especially in road transport, supply problems are exacerbated by labor shortages. The problem is exacerbated by Brexit, which makes it difficult for European workers to enter the country, as is felt in the logistics or food industries.

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