October 25, 2021


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The UK wants to change the rules of post-Brexit Northern Irish protocol

This protocol was first established to prevent the return of the border infrastructure between the British Province and the Republic of Ireland. I was thus affected Three decades of civil war.

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Brexit British Foreign Secretary David Frost on Tuesday, October 12 presented a highly revised version of the post-Brexit Northern Irish Code of Conduct. Speech on managing trade with the rest of the British province after the secession from the European Customs Union and the single market, “Cannot continue in current format”, He scored. The revised version will specifically allow “Products that are practically free to spread between Northern Ireland, which is actually retained in the single European market, and other parts of the United Kingdom”, Comprehensive David Frost.

Plans to launch this new version “International Arbitrator” To enforce the same market laws in Northern Ireland, instead of simultaneously a “The European legal system is governed by a court of one of the parties”, European Court of Justice (CJEU). This protocol was initially established to prevent the return of border infrastructure between the British province and the Republic of Ireland, which had been affected by three decades of civil war. But the text is now responsible for distribution issues and Northern Ireland has created a border in the Irish Sea in support of the British crown, raising fears of a return to tension.

David Frost says this new version is aimed at “Take care not to disturb the peace process” In the province. But the announcements came just days before Brussels was due to make its own recommendations, much to the chagrin of Europeans. Irish Foreign Minister Simon Coweny has blamed London “Reject before solutions are published”. “We look forward to the proposals put forward by Maros Shefkovic and the Commission tomorrow. We will be really ready to discuss whatever they have to say, and we will explicitly consider them in a serious, holistic and positive way.”, David Frost replied.

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