The Voice Season 22: 2022| All That We Have Learned!

The Voice returns to NBC for its 22nd season, and this time around, the tables are turned. A popular singing competition with “blind” auditions in front of a panel of celebrity coaches is bringing in a new judge this fall.

The Voice stands out from other reality singing and talent competitions because the judges make their decisions based only on the contestants’ performances. The judges can’t tell who was singing until one of them chooses them and swings their chair around, or if they don’t choose anyone at all.

In The Voice, there are multiple rounds before a champion is chosen. Each judge has the opportunity to advance 12 singers through Blind Auditions at the beginning of the season. The next phase of the competition is called the Battle Rounds, and it’s during these that the coaches of the competing teams will pit two of their team members against one another.

The Voice Season 22 (3)


They then sing weekly under the guidance of their trainers. Four contestants will go to the finals after being whittled down to a smaller group during the Live Performances.

Girl Named Tom, from Team Kelly Clarkson, won the 21st season of The Voice.

The 22nd season of The Voice is described below.

The Voice’s Season 22 Episode Next

On Monday, October 5th’s episode of The Voice, season 22, blind auditions will resume. The four judges have begun selecting competitors, and their teams are starting to take shape, but anyone may be the one to get the theft.

You can see who the judges have chosen so far down below, and while the teams are starting to take shape, there are still a few seats up for grabs on the final night of Blind Auditions.

Who Are the 22nd Season’s Judges on the Voice?

Competent music industry professionals serve as judges and coaches on The Voice, and they frequently change. Each season’s panel of judges brings a new perspective and method of instruction to the show.

Blake Shelton, a country artist, is the only coach to have been there from the start, and he doesn’t hide the fact.

For the seventh time, John Legend will be a coach on The Voice. Due to his calm presence, Legend has been a welcome counterpoint to Shelton’s manic enthusiasm since joining the cast in season 16. Their interactions are entertaining to see.

The Voice Season 22 (1)

This season will mark Gwen Stefani’s return to the show after she took a hiatus to focus on her Las Vegas residency. Stefani was a judge for six seasons, however they were not consecutive. Since they got married, the relationship has became more interesting to see.

Camilla Cabello takes over for Kelly Clarkson this year. The amazing vocalist has previously appeared on The Voice as a guest coach for Team Legend in season 21.

Carson Daly, the show’s host, is once again responsible for maintaining order among the coaches.

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Who Are the 22 Contestants on This Season’s the Voice?

The blind auditions at the start of each season of The Voice are a huge part of the show’s appeal. There, viewers can watch as contestants perform for a panel of judges who are blind to their identities until one of them turns in his or her chair.

The show is now in its 22nd season, and more former hopefuls are auditioning again. This implies that, in addition to the new vocalists we’ll encounter along the road, there will be some familiar faces in the crowd.

Competing Groups on the Voice Season 22

Teams on The Voice, as of the fifth night of blind auditions (October 3).

Team Blake

Hillary Torchiana, Ansley Burns, Bodie, Tanner Fussell, Eva Ullman, The Dryes, Madison Hughes, Kate Kalvach, Bryce Leatherwood, Kevin Hawkins, Brayden Lape

Team Camila

Zach Newbould,Sydney Kronmiller, Andrew Igbokidi,Ava Lynn Thuresson, Sasha Hurtado, Morgan Myles, Orlando Mendez, Reina Ley

Team Legend

Lana Love, The Marilynds, SOLsong, Kara McKee, Parijita Bastola, Valarie Harding, Morgan Taylor, Omar Jose Cardona, David Andrew, Emma Brooke, Peyton Aldridge

Team Gwen

Daysia, Kique, Destiny Leigh, Kayla Von der Heide, Tanner Howe, Cara Brindisi, Julia Aslani, Ian Harrison, Jay Allen, Alyssa Witrado, Devix, Chello, Sadie Bass

The Voice Season 22 Will Premiere On

On Monday, September 19 at 8 p.m. ET/PT, Season 22 of The Voice premiered. It airs on Tuesdays at the same time as in prior seasons. This is especially useful in the first few episodes of the season, when the judges are sifting through thousands of applicants before selecting the handful who will make up their teams.

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In the teaser for Season 12 of The Voice, we see new judge Camila Cabello pondering the identity of a mysterious admirer.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Find the 2022 Vocal Directors?

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The Voice has returned to NBC for its 22nd season with a new set of coaches: Blake Shelton, John Legend, Gwen Stefani, and Camila Cabello (who replaces Kelly Clarkson). The show was previously off the network’s schedule due to the American Song Contest.

A Return to the Voice from Kelly Clarkson Seems Unlikely; Why Is This So?

Clarkson told Hoda Kobt and Carson Daly on the Today show in August that she felt a break was important while filming the forthcoming season of The Voice during the summer, and that The Kelly Clarkson Show was also on a little sabbatical at the time. “It’s maybe common for a lot of working people.

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The Voice has returned to NBC for its 22nd season. Blake Shelton, John Legend, Gwen Stefani, and Camilla Cabello are the new coaches. Blind auditions are part of the show, and more former hopefuls are auditioning again.

There you have it; the upcoming features, release date, and cost of The Voice’s 22nd season’s bachelor. Now that you know everything there is to know about the upcoming season, we can wrap things up. Please share any updated information you may have about this season’s statistics in the space provided below.

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