December 1, 2021


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Their disputes were not resolved at the summit between Joe Biden and Xi Jinping

U.S. and Chinese Presidents Joe Biden and Xi Jinping spoke at length from Monday, November 15 to Tuesday, November 16. The most anticipated video conference summit, Without resolving any of their disputes.

In Taiwan’s question, in particular, he sees China’s return to its position as a rebel province, with both leaders in their position. Mr. Biden, Mr. Ji warned the United States S’oppos[aient] For sure “ In any attempt “Unilaterally to change the situation in the Taiwan Strait or undermine peace and stability”, According to a speech released by the White House after this meeting which lasted about three and a half hours.

Shi advised the United States “Do not play with fire” About the island.

“Taiwanese authorities have repeatedly tried to rely on the United States for their independence, and some in the United States are trying to use Taiwan to control China.”

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Mr. Pitan also expressed his opinion “Concerns about practices [de la Chine] Human Rights in Xinjiang, Tibet and Hong Kong and in General ”. He was critical of trade and economic practices “Unfair” From China. These statements are somewhat different from the kindness shown at the beginning of the meeting.

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Washington-Beijing relations continue to rupture

In his inaugural statements, Mr. Biden considered it “Competition between two countries should not turn into a conflict whether intentionally or unintentionally.”.

“China and the United States need to improve their communication and cooperation”, Glad to see that Mr. Shi said “His old friend”, For the first time through intermittent screens, their previous two transactions were done by phone.

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But like Beijing, we wanted to lower the expectations raised by this debate in Washington. Mr. If the tone had changed since the eruption of the Trump era following Biden’s rise to power, relations between Washington and Beijing would have been much tighter.

The video conference was held as Xi Jinping strengthened his grip on power. The Communist Party of China sent a speech last week “The whole party, the military and the people must unite more closely around the Central Committee, in which Xi Jinping forms the heart.”.

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The U.S. president, who faces a very divisive political landscape and an epidemic he is fighting to eradicate, referred to China by announcing on Monday a massive infrastructure plan that would allow the United States. “Win the Match” Of XXIe Century.

At the end of his speech, the US President repeated one of his favorite phrases:

“Betting against the American people is never a good idea. “

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